Drudge Work

Irreverent, raucous fantasy for a light, fun read

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    Drudge Work
    bossfearless as Argo Simms
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    In a city full of unstable magic, bad ideas can lead to great rewards, and the senior students at the Academy of Mages have the worst ideas of all. Merrick Fitzroy, undoubtedly the heaviest mage who ever lived, thinks his particularly bad idea might just change the world and make him rich, provided he doesn’t melt his own face off in the process. Dogged at every turn by guild enforcers, unwelcome guests, and some hideous, unreasonable creature bent on his demise, Merrick plods along the razor’s edge between glory and disaster. Science and sorcery collide in an irreverent fantasy romp that asks all the important questions like, “Who the hell set the school on fire?”
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  1. ixk
    Understanding is essential
    - be prepared
    1. bossfearless
      Author's Response
      I saw you left a review for Drudge Work. Did you get a chance to read it? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any to share.
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