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  1. I started an online serial novel a few weeks ago, entitled, "Nurse Blood." I'm up to chapter 4, but chapter 5 will be posted this week. My friend helped me make a wordpress site for it, and it's really cool! I just love the cover!
  2. This is what Joe McKinney said about my book, 'Undead Drive-Thru.':

    "Undead Drive-Thru was a fantastic read! The pacing was great, and Rebecca Besser did a wonderful job on Ky and John's relationship. That was the most rewarding part, for me, watching that relationship flesh out and take shape. Ky's farewell to Colleen was especially moving. Great characters, and plenty of gory zombie fun. She hit a home run with Undead Drive-Thru!" ~ Joe McKinney, author of 'Dead City', and the newly released novel, 'Flesh Eaters'.
  3. My novella, Undead Drive-Thru is now available! I'm really excited! It's really cool to have a book out that's all mine! hahaha
  4. <------- SEE! There's the cover for my Undead Drive-Thru novella that will be coming out soon!
  5. My novella, Undead Drive-Thru, will be finished this coming week and will be published by Living Dead Press! I'm SUPER excited and can't wait for it to come out. I'll change my profile pic to the cover pic soon. :D

    So, if you like zombies, watch for its release!