Thoughts, feelings and other randomness
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  1. Hello all, this is me, this my personal space, the part of my brain that has slipped out of left ear, danced across the dining table I am currently using in lieu of a proper computer desk, and plastered itself across my 22 inch wide-screen monitor. This is all the random nonsense that dances around my mind as I walk to walk, as I pretend to do my job, as I sit at home in the evening, and as I lie in bed feigning sleep. Since this is the first entry, I thought I'd just post some random facts about myself and my online persona...

    1 - My name, Phil, is actually my middle name.

    2 - My first name is Peter.

    3 - I have used the name bloosmarti online for about a decade. I chose the spelling to keep it unique, but I have no idea why the 'b' is lower case. It just is!

    4 - I think I've always wanted to be a writer. Writing stories was thing I enjoyed most at school, from a very early age.

    5 - I eventually attempted to do a creative writing course at university, but dropped out due to illness. I was bloody good at it, too...

    6 - Before that I'd gone to uni to do a teaching course. My Auntie convinced me I wanted to be a teacher. I didn't, so I dropped out of that, too.

    7 - My first forray into higher education did bring one important thing into my life - my wife!

    8 - I started being 'serious' about writing about five years ago. I starting writing what I wanted to be a novel. After 18 months, it was about 60'000 words long, about two thirds through. Life then got in the way, my free time collapsed, and I've written barely a word in 3 years...

    9 - In the past few months I've tried writing short stories on my phone, but I always get frustrated and delete them.

    10- The only consistent outlet I've had for creative writing over the past few years, which also combines with my interest in wrestling (yes, I'm that sad), is e-fedding. For those who don't know what that is, I'll explain another time...

    Okay, ten will do for now. I may post again later, and I do intend to expand on the e-fedding thing. But for now I have a question for everyone - what do I do about my 3+ years of writer's block? Do I persevere and try and get back into my novel? Or do I chalk it up to experience and start with something new? Opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading,