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    Kinda plays off a joke letter I wrote. And like I said already, I don't see how I could keep out of trouble with such things. :p
  2. "What do you know? It disintegrated."
    Disentegrating Ray.gif

    Trying to find my groove, and get back on track to finish my book so I can
    get working on other things. So bloody close (97.25K) and yet so far.
    Well I hope your WIP is moving along, and you can move on to other
    Thanks, and have a wonderful day. :supersmile:
    Wile Coyote Card.png
  3. After writing a bit where Cor gets shot, and the bullet stops just
    beneath the flesh, it would seem her carbon nano tube woven
    endo-skeleton would be able to top small arms fire. Not sure how
    well it would fair from large caliber ballistics like some sniper rifles
    in story, and I doubt that they would stop railgun and coilgun
    bolts. But 10mm assault rifle rounds and 15mm pistol rounds will
    definitely stop, so long as they don't hit anywhere that is not boney. :p
    Doesn't mean that getting shot doesn't hurt any less, just less likely
    to puncture most vital organs. :D

  4. So I wrote this short Friday night, and the people who have read it just love it. What are your thoughts?

    Dance of the Cyber-Goth (1294 words)

    She was stunning as she catches my eye. Tight black leather adorned her body, ending below her bright orange laced up Industrial bodice was a short leather pleated mini skirt. On her thighs down to just below her knees, are neon orange fishnets. And she towered above her normal height on 4in. thick soled military style boots strapped up her calves. Her large bright eyes stood pronounced from her pale flesh, with an artistic onyx design around each of her breath taking ocular organs. They captivated me, as they rest above her respirator with spikes running down the middle, and bright blood bio-hazard symbols on each filter. The goggles on her head, with three large spikes on the outside of each side of the frames, and white crosses on each lens, framed her eyes exquisitely with the respirator. Every move of her head, her raven and neon orange tubular hair swayed and bounced as it seemed to dance in a non-existent breeze.

    She could move with the music as well. Extremely sensual and graceful to the Cyber-Industrial beat pounding over the speakers. The full body motion and range of her dancing, and the curious style of the way one dances to the type of music, only seduces me more to the Cyber-Siren. Ever when she came to a point in her intricate dynamic rhythm and did a little stomp, it was adorable. Her body one with every deep thump of the pounding bass, and she flowed with the synth accompanying it. Unable to take my gaze off her wonderful undulation, my heart beating with each heavy shock-wave from the bass.

    After dancing through a few more songs, she took a seat opposite me at the circular bar. I tried to tear my eyes from her, but she had me hypnotized. Our eyes met for a long second in the loudness, and I quickly averted my gaze to peer down at the bar. Embarrassed that I had been staring at her intently. I waited a little bit, and tried not to study her while she sipped her drink. But I could not help it, and dared to peek back at her across the bar. She was gorgeous still, with her respirator hanging loosely about her slender neck. Her ghostly complexion contrasted with dark plum stained lips, and a pair of snake-bites glinted in the light just above her upper lip.

    She caught my visual musings at her, and offered a little smile toward me. I returned the gesture feeling sheepish, and took a large swig on my beer. We sat at odds for some minutes, having a silent discussion in the distance between us. I felt a flutter in my belly, when she motioned me to join her with her porcelain slender hand. I thought my heart missed a beat and a half, and pointed at myself just to clarify that she had beckoned me and not someone else. She repeated the gesture, and mouthed ‘Yes you, come here.’ She flashed a broader smile on her dark plum lips.

    Nervously I gathered my half empty bottle, and trod around the bar to her. Weaving my way around the other patrons as I traveled. Every stride my mind reeled with a million questions, and other thoughts. A trickle of anxiety ran through me as I completed the last few steps to where she sat.

    It was surreal to me, as she offered me to sit next to her. Slowly I slid onto the stool next to her on her left side. I could feel her eyes studying me from head to toe a few moments, and I met hers with mine. She did not speak, nor did I. We simply embraced each other with our gaze. The way she peered deeply into me, was more intoxicating than the brew. So many wonderful and mysterious things in those lovely mild sky blues of hers.

    Just as I finished the last of my beer about to order another, she put her tender hand on my wrist. She motioned with her head toward the exit. I nodded and left money under the empty bottle with tip for our drinks. I barely had my wallet back in my pocket, than she took my hand firmly and lead the way out.

    Once outside in the cool late night air, the loud music muffled and my ears were adjusting to the quieter atmosphere on the sidewalk. She stopped a moment near a low wall just a dozen steps, and leaned up against it looking directly at me with upturned lips.

    “So what’s the plan,” I asked unsure of what she wanted of me.

    She did not speak, but pointed at me and then motioned me toward her.

    “Ok,” I said and she grinned like a huntress who had caught her prey.

    I moved toward the leather clad Cyber-Siren, and she took my hands and put them around her waist. She was warm and inviting in my embrace. Sliding a slender digit over her lips she pointed toward herself.

    “Yes, ma’am,” I complied with her invitation, realizing that she is deaf.

    Her eyes lit up, and our lips connected gingerly until she took hold of my face. Her tongue was tactile and sweet with a hint of fruitiness from whatever had been drinking at the bar. For a good thirty seconds our lips remained locked and our tongues caressed and explored one another. She let go of my cheeks with soft sigh, and a satisfied look on her features.

    She then used her hands to ask if I liked watching her as she danced.

    “Yes, I enjoyed the way you move on the dance floor.”

    She grinned and took me by the hand once more, leading me off in silence. I had little else on my mind, except for her and what she wished of me.


    My buzz wore of from the beer, and I realized I was in her house. She lead me to a chair, and had me sit. Guiding my hands around the back of the furniture, I felt her cuff my wrists together. Coming back in front of me she bent over, placed a finger over my lips to silence me. Her intoxicating sky blues beamed brightly, and she spoke with her hands. Telling me that she was going to dance for me, and that all I could do was watch. Nodding in agreement, I relaxed into the cushion of the chair. She beamed at me a moment, before ambulating across the living room. Rolling her hips as she traveled. She busied herself a moment or two at the cabinet across the room. I heard the heavy steady beat and synth from speakers, the bass reverberated through the wood floor under my feet.

    She Turned on her heels and began to unlace her bodice slowly as she came back over to me. She stripped way the bodice and skirt, tossing the leather garments on the couch, as she revealed a lacy bright neon green thong beneath her neon orange fishnets. And she removed her bra that held her medium sized bosom, and cast it to be with the other garments. Her nipples stood at attention from her breasts, as she covered her mouth and nose with the respirator.

    We locked eyes and she danced throughout the night for me. Never once did we break contact with one another, as she displayed her joy and love for moving to the music. She was wonderful to watch and to peer into her hypnotic gaze, as she allowed me to see her delightful soul jubilantly bared to me. It was beyond words, but words could only do harm.
  5. Hard to stay positive when you feel and think badly of yourself.

    Hard not to think that no one really understands or cares.

    Hard to not think of everyone as seeing you as something to be rejected.

    Hard not to feel alone and abandoned.

    Hard not to feel useless and pointless.

    Hard not to grow cold and numb.

    Hard not to feel like a failure.

    Hard not to think that life is just plain cruel.

    Hard not to push others away.

    Hard to not want to just give in or give up.

    Hard to trust when you think you will just get hurt.

    Hard not to make jokes and act a clown, to hide your in pain.

    Hard to not feel broken.

    Hard to just stop having all these damn negative thoughts and feelings!

    Depression you really suck, and I want to punch you in face really hard!