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  1. Posted a bit about Marckus from my sequel, and it is a double feature of featuring him in his capture. On my blog in my sig, if you like Grim Content. :)
  2. I have posted a new chunk of story. This time from
    Corlixia's Perspective, on my blog. She is not one
    to cross when it comes to the man she loves. :p
  3. So I have been working on an 'application' of sorts. One for a Mistress to be precise, and I have done a fair bit of my home work on the matter on how to go about it. :D
    How ever I would like to know if it is up to snuff with being chosen to act as a Submissive or not.
    So if it seems a little strange, I understand that. It is not only about what I want, but what I can
    offer in compensation to the relationship and service of such a creature.
    Just wondering what someone thinks in regards to whether I sound like a
    good candidate to consider or not.
    Thanks much. :)


    I am simple man with a deep inner complexity. While I may not a solid wall of muscle, I am on the slender slide. It would be pleasant to be as either a friend and/or a romantic interest. To serve a kind and fair Mistress/Domme, who can be patient with me and understanding. I am loyal and honest to a fault, and feel that those are the cornerstone to building trust. I am still fairly green to being a submissive.

    I enjoy being given tasks no matter how menial, and do not mind being kept busy. I can fix carpet, as that is something that I have experience in. So if you happen to have a few wrinkles running amok, I can most certainly smooth them out. Happen to be writing a book? I would not mind ghostwriting to your dictation. Write fiction myself, and working on a second novel. If you ever need a massage to unwind, or to sooth soreness. Depending on the task I will let you know whether I know how to do it, and will ask for instructions if you have a particular way you like things done. I will keep a notebook and pencil handy, so you do not have to repeat yourself.

    Impact play is something that I find to be difficult to handle. Though it is negotiable, as is anything and everything. While I do explore some things, there are limitations as to what I will and will not do.

    I enjoy cuddling. Reading quietly.Walking and having a chat, sometimes at night during the summer. It is all about the little things really. Just being able to share in what life has to offer.

    Willing to travel within reasonable distance.

    Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.

  4. While the title may seem odd for this entry, no it is not
    gloom and doom and all that.

    It is a rather strange story I cooked up over two days
    and just under 10k. Oddly enough it still pushes my
    buttons in all the right ways to feel better after sinking
    into a dark pit of depression.

    I figured I would save my Workshop posting for something
    else. And use my blog for this one. And the one in my sig,
    if you prefer to go that route over a txt file. :p

    So yeah, I will just leave it here for you guys. That is if you
    don't mind something a bit more sappy. :D

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  5. Funny in November it will be 4 years since we parted.
    Pisses me off that you replaced me so easily.
    He is a jackass as you have often told me.

    I loved you once, and you me.

    But that is the past.

    And I love to hate you, and hate to love you.
    So how does it feel being happy?
    That you have your jackass?

    One day I will be loved again, one day.
    And come November you will be entirely dead
    to me, along with all the pain.

    Even if there is no one that will ever find me
    attractive, or worth anything, I will always
    regret my time with you. 9 years gone, in an

    I excise you from my heart, mind, and soul.
    Breaking these chains once and for all. I am
    ready to live again.
    I am ready to breath again.
    I am ready to love again.

    But until then I have my eccentricity, and my
    writing to keep me company through the heat
    of summer, to the cold bitter winter.

    So a man on the mend, awaits the hands of
    hopefully a wonderful fate. I want to feel love,
    and never again hate.

    Provided there is a lovely lady out there that will have me.
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