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  1. Life like a strobe light.
    Ode to the old gods.
    Gonna make it gotta fight.
    Own it like it ain't wrong.

    Uga Lang Uga Lang
    Rah Rah a damn shame
    Uga Lang Uga Lang
    Rah Rah kill the tame.

    Grave yard shift blows. It's like perpetual jet lag. Good night guys.
  2. Literary age 1: Man vs. Beast. Oral history has passed down through the prehistoric man the stories of heros standing up in the face of the dark things in the forest that want to drag our sick, young, and old away from our nightly fires and into the darkness. Or great hunters that return from the wild reaches of the world with the heads of monsters, tales of wonder, and the scars of immortality. Today this is present in Man vs. mountain, or street gangs, or a rival sports team, or a foamy mouthed demon possessed dog trapping you an your child in a car. Boewulf to Odysseus, these stories have been the driving force of using literature to forge the idea of 'hero' and solidify the place of man in nature, and identifying our fear of it. Our fear of death.

    Age 2: The verticality. Or Dante. Dante reached up into the well of creation and made fiction a place worthy of the residence of god and all other higher thoughts of philosophy. It can be claimed that the myths of man predated dante but it wasn't until him the the sacred was able to be pulled down from its columns and dared to be stared at by the eyes of man. In the wake of him we had the hero's psyche being much more self aware. Ever since Dante we have used Fiction to define Mans' place in a loftier definition of reality.

    Age 3: The horizontality. Or Shakespeare. Shakespeare threw open the gates wide and far on ever aspect of society from the personal (sex, lust, love, sanity, pride, identity, family, death, envy, time, legacy, vengence...) to the political (war, ambition, power, justice, nationality, kingship, tyranny, social equality...) After shakespeare fiction have been a much more all encompassing lense to see the world that Man created as a barrier between himself and nature, and an antithesis to god's own creation. Through him we can clearly see the walls created by our hands and where we stand within them.

    So what's next. Are we done? We have the primeval driving force casting us forward. We have the range to go as high or as deep into the light or the darkness that shrouds the mysteries of our world. We have a wide angle scope to explore where we stand on the shores of our own paved and caffine fueled creation.

    But then what? What is the fourth barrier to break and fling forth the consciousness of the masses through the divine art of the written word?

    One of which I've had this discussion has suggested It's not the content that we have to break into next but the presentation. As in video games and Interactive media. (singularity)

    Another has said the next step is a depth in the X-Y plane. A 'Z' axis that represents a plane of consciouness we are just not capable of seeing yet.

    A third has insisted that the gambit has been run and we have our parameters. I wonder though.
  3. Trading in managing haitian at a Deli that only serves retired jews that surround me in this coastal hell north of Miami.

    Trading in food service for security. Trading my temp chart for a tazer. My hair net for a patrol car.

    I'll be partrolling a set of car dealerships on a grave yard shift. On my own, no customers.... This is a really good feeling. I highly suggest quiting any field you hate even if you worked your way up a bit. It'll never change. Management works like dogs at this deli and get treated like dog for it by the higher up.

    So quit and drive headlong into the unknown entry level of a completely alien field.

    Security liscenses are reasonably cheap and job availability is high in florida by the way if anyones in the area.
  4. So 2012 was almost here and i wanted to start something new. So i looked at my stack of first drafts and first paragraphs scraps of half written poems and i go online. I find this really great site here and I join up. Then i find the true extent of this site and i am overwhelmed. Shorts to essays to screenplays to poems. This place is perfect right? And with really talented and helpful members to boot.

    So i get this idea about how i can push myself as a hobbyist in the diverse artform of the written word. I am planning to post and critique in every forum and subforum in the workshop. (romance in short stories might only get a flashfiction piece out of me honestly)

    I have never written a song or screenplay or plenty other things here, so this is me staring at the deepend.

    I already participated in the poetry contest along with posting in the poetry, novel, and humor workshops. So check those out if you want. I think i'll be posting up some nonfiction next.

    Anyway just thought I'd christian this journey with an official post

    Along those lines, anyone else try something like this? I'm always curious about other writer's habits and lifestyles. How they push themeselfs ans whatnot. It's like peeking on the guy next to yours test.
  5. Have you seen a movie called 'stranger than fiction?' Very meta. It's about an tax auditor who's going through a midlife crisis. He starts hearing a narration in his head over what it is he's doing. Not all the time but sometimes. He chases down the voice to a british author who only writes really good fiction where the main characters die (after he spends half the movie finding out if his story is tragic or comic.) It turn out her new book she's been working is about a tax auditor going through a midlife crisis. She's finishing the second to last chapter and he shows up at her place and reality pretty much breaks down. Then she must decide to finish the novel as she wanted and kill him off for the good of the story which is her best so far, or write in his happy ending and make it not so good... Not to mention her wondering about the school teacher she's killed off, and the dentist, and the salesman...

    So just think about that next time youu have your MC tied to a stake in some psycho's basement with thier eyelids burnt off.