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  1. I am interested in casual writing like e-mail or journal writing. The words I see when I am writing I know better than syntax and such. On the second draft, I see what the words mean and seem to understand where they go in the sentence, and in my mind, as in this sentence. I can't explain that, it just happens. I write from my emotions and heart and not to follow a professional trail. I use bold lettering as a word point within the sentence.

    Basically, that's it. I was trying to create my own writing style, and then got lost in the attempt. Paul
  2. Writing in English is my goal to learn something new. In the first sentence and paragraph is the reason for writing it. Any word as a point will have a underline under it. I am also looking for a way to link more information in these paragraphs. It's my new writing style and I hope no one will not like it. It's a lot I do not like about syntax and grammar as well.

    I want to be noticed as a writer and loves words plus help others as this forum has helped me. I am a armchair casual writer and loving it. My goal is to be understood. I am working on creating my on writing style which you see here. Once I make up my mind I can do anything.

    Grammarly is my software editor, which I have a love-hate relationship with. It's smarter than me, so I pay no attention to some of its perfectness. curiosPaul
  3. I love words, but each word has its own history and definition. I think in the first sentence I define why I wrote it and in the second part of the sentence I use a predicate. I believe in sentence structuring within the sentence and paragraphs. I tend to babble when writing and lose my sentence structuring. I love editing and I use Grammarly software unreligiously. I abuse my writing style by babbling or unstructured writing. I have a serious story writing problem but not with my writing style which I abuse. I ask for your patience. curiousPaul