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  1. Mrs. Stone Spotted a Puma

    Mrs. Stone had spent a whole morning plucking blackberries from the
    tree. It was nearly lunch time. Feeling a little hungry, she decided to
    go home and eat something.

    Just at the time she was about to get off, she heard a cat like noisy in
    the bushes . Following the sound, she found a big cat crawling and
    looking right at her five yards away. She knew that it wasn't a cat,
    it's MORE THAN a cat -- a puma. The animal suddenly moved. Fearing that
    the puma would be able to attack her, Mrs. Stone dropped her basket and
    shouted for help. Seemingly frightened by the shout, the animal ran away
    and disappeared in the bushes.

    Mrs. Stone picked up her basket and ran all the way home. She told her
    neighbours that she had just come across a puma, but nobody believed
    her. She also telephoned the police but they thought the woman was

    Any comments are appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. A Sticky Business

    Our vicar is always raising money for one reason or another, but it
    seems he has never managed to get enough to have the church clock
    repaired. The clock has stopped working for years and no one could
    explain why.

    One day, the vicar climbed up into the clock tower wanting fixing the
    clock by himself. To his surprise, the clock had been invaded by bees
    and was full of honey and wax. As the vicar was scared of bees, he got
    back to the ground and hired a beekeeper to help him. When the queen bee
    was removed, the other bees followed it flying out of the clock tower.
    Then the vicar clean the things off.

    Although it has been years since the clock got stuck, it starts working

    Any comments are appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
  3. Rescue

    A monk took two dogs out for exercise. Suddenly the monk received an
    emergency that a traveler got lost in the St. Bernard Pass when the
    dogs were playing with each restlessly. A search party was quickly
    organized and the monks set out immediately to search for the lost

    The dogs led the monks through the snow. The weather was extremely
    bad: there had been high winds previous night; then the heavy fog came
    around now; and the temperature was 20 degrees centigrade below. After
    having searched for few hours, they heard cries and knew that they had
    got near. A few minutes later, they found a man was trapped under snow.
    After having been dragged out by the dogs, he was taken back to the
    monastery on a sledge.

    At that time, the man was almost unconscious. Having recovered
    later, he told the monks what had happened the previous night.

    Any comments are appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi guys,

    My nickname is Dasn, and you can call me Das. I'm a native Chinese speaker and of course living in China. I am also an English learner and love writing stuff in English. So please do point out the errors in my articles when you find anything that is not fluent, and I will really appreciate it.

    Thank you!