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  1. There was a woman on TV. Her face was gone, destroyed by acid. She was attacked by a man she refused to marry. My eyes had sympathy for her but as I listened I started to feel anger. The court of the land had decreed that he himself should have acid dropped on his eyes(an eye for an eye). She was angry that at the eleventh hour the decision had been reversed, she even wanted to carry out the punishment herself.
    Had this been me or you would we have acted in the same way. Honestly I do not know but watching from the outside looking in it seemed wrong. As barbaric as the crime was the punishment appeared inhuman.
    More and more we seem to wish the worst on people , we show it through road rage, football tribalism, even by baying for the blood of Big Brother contestants. We have all at one time wished violence upon people or bad luck of some kind. We have felt better in ourselves after hearing about someone else's misfortunes.
    We are all too often like this woman faceless to how we should act as human beings.