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  1. First off, no i do not have swine flu, but today i found out that we have our first case in my school. It was bound to happen sometime i guess. But I've been out of school for the past two days sick, and so has my boyfriend. So now eveyone is saying stuff about us. Like this guy in band, he thinks we were having sex but i told him that we were both sick because we were kinda attatched at the lips saturday. Oh well. :p I need to go to school tomorrow. Im so bored. I feel like a depressed housewife. I didnt get dressed all day and i watched the style channel... all day long!!! URG!
  2. Well Im back!
    You will be pleased to here that the reason why I havent been on here is that the time that I spend not doing homework, is spent on Elysian Field! I am in the prosess of typing it up and revising. I am trying to get it actually finished but Im stuck in this big disorginized rut and its making me mad. I just cant think! So I take my notebook to school with me and in math I write when I can. I have actually got alot written in math class. And i have all these little scenes that I had pre-wrote so its like filling in the blanks. In my note book I have little notes like "insert this scene from a paper that is stuffed in the pockets of this notebook". Its insane! And then on OneNote, I have all this random crap, and even more scenes. So Im typing it up and getting it all nice and orginized. Because orginization is your friend. So maybe since the initial AGdsfagqwS (i dont even have a word for how hectic those first few weeks of school were so this will do) of school starting has wore off, and now that I have nothing to do, and I got my urge to write back, I am back in buisiness! And if i dont ATLEAST get it all written up by the end of my sophmore year, someone please slap me.
  3. I am so tired. And lately I havent been writing much. I would come home from work and read. I guess I'm just kind of stuck. I do dread putting in some sences, cuz there might be some boring ones. (who am I trying to kid). But as of now I have major writers block. I guess I dont have the attention span. I bareley even have the attention span to write this! I think I'm going to go outside before I go crazy!:D
  4. Ok, since i already have a journal to write in about the daily trials and tribulations of Echo, I think this would be the perfect place to have a writing journal. No idea why though...:D

    Even though I have a whole lot wrote on my novel (even if it isnt typed yet) I would like to keep track of progress. My motivation for actually taking this as far as I have is my english teacher from last year. She actually gave an assignment to create a character and put them in a two page story. Well, I blew that WAY out of proportion (as I did with every other writing assighnment) and did about 10 pages. She thought that was fantastic and wanted to read more. So, over the year I have shaped, remolded, rewrote, and wrote so much on it. After a period of not showing her anything, I come into her class on the last day and show her my new story. She just about had a cow! She was astonished and blown away. She has givin me so much support and help that I just have to finish it for her. My goal is to finish it by the end of the 2009-2010 school year. I am going to walk into her room, and put it on her desk and just see her reaction. I know she will cry and I probably will too.

    So that is just a little insight of the story behind Elysian Field! And now I'm off to better my writing skills!!

    Much Love!