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  1. I've started writing my first screenplay and have already gone through a couple of changes or drafts. I'm actually looking for ideas in terms of adding some complex characteristic traits to the antagonist.

    The premise of the story is as follows:
    "An abandoned boarding-school boy endures horrific acts of abuse from his headmaster. He eventually triumphs over tragedy with the aid of a troubled monk and a rebellious girl".

    The headmaster (antagonist) is a married man with 4 young girls. The abandoned boy (protagonist) eventually gets his innocence taken away from him through a series of abuses by the headmaster. The headmaster's complex inner character is driven by the fact that he'd always wanted to have a boy and kept trying but to no avail. The headmaster tries to turn the abuse into masochism but the young teenager is finally saved by a local monk (pro-protagonist) and the transfer of a new rebellious, eccentric girl into this school.

    The story continues but what I'm looking for is a couple of ideas or some conflicting characteristics to add to the headmaster's personality in order to expand the depth of his character and inner conflicts.

    If anyone out there could make any suggestions then I'd be most grateful.