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  1. It is saturday now and I know I havent blogged in at least a week so here is what is up.

    I have my DIY editing job nearly done for The Last Good Man. I purchased two books on editing just for this short story and they have paid dividends, I think. I have about three thousand story ideas/partially finished stories/short stories that need to become novels/etc... As well as a handful of poetry ideas.

    One idea I really think I can get to take off is a story about a group of guys who are working and out of the blue decide to drop everything and hit the road cross country. Plus I have the novel Alaskan Nights which is about a hundred pages so far, I would like to hammer out an extra two pages per day on that one until it's finished. Most recently I have begun to sketch out a comic series. I am not one of those "comic book people", in fact I have never purchased one and have only read a handful but I came up with a great(I think) concept and look to put it to paper.

    My website is crawling towards completion, I would say it's about 90% finished and when I get it complete I will publish ASAP and let everyone know.

    So thats whats up, stay tuned for my website and keep up the good writing yourselves.

  2. So I guess it is Tuesday. Have been diligently working on my website and I think we shall all see it up in some form before the sun sets on this week. I have started a new novel and am working hard to wrap up some editing on a couple short stories. I hate editing but alas it must be done. I guess my unfinished short story count is like six and my unfinished novel count is three though two are close and my unfinished poem count is two.

    I would love to publish something this spring for the sole purpose of I want to have a book signing. I probably would struggle to sell twenty at this point but would be cool to have a handful of people show up and actually want to purchase something I wrote and get it signed.

    I need to post a link to a story I had published in a book last year. I don't care for it but the more I think of it the more I realize that it is a publishing credit and a decent story for children as well. It's far to light hearted for my tastes but I wrote it so I guess I must deal with that.

    Here is the very rough first paragraph of my newest venture into a novel. I am thinking the title might be "Strides At Midnight", we shall see.

    "Hezikiah Neilsen trudged through the early morning darkness, alone. It could not have been later than two he thought, he was pretty sure he had been on the road about an hour and he left sometime around one so two was a close guesstimation. It was raining out, not just a nice invigorating sprinkle though or even an impressive thunderstorm, no it was a late fall drenching on the south coast of Lake Erie. It seemed the rain was falling at hardly a few degrees more than sideways due to the wind that was gusting well over fifty. And it was cold, not middle of winter deep freeze cold but the thermometer was hovering right around thirty when Kiah left the house."
  3. So I have been somewhat hard at work writing(Somewhat/hard at work...hmm) and have made some descent progress in some short stories. I am making it my goal to have about a half dozen done this month. Am alsotossin a novelette idea around my head. A guys girlfriend gets kidnapped, he tracks her, killing enemies in his way . Eventually he gets close and they kill her, he keeps killing her kidnappers and as the last one is dying he tells the MC that she is not really dead, not only that but she orchestrated the whole thing to run away from home. MC has a few angry but calm words with her and leaves. Then it sets up a sequel where he got so used to killing he becomes a serial killer and she is the only one who can stop him. It needs a little work butwhaddya think?

    I am also working on some designs for t-shirts to sell on my web site. At first I was a little hesitant to do this because after all who wants to buy a shirt by me? I am not some fashion designer or anything. But as I thought about it I decided that I wasn't selling it as a Matthew Von Prince shirt but as a cool shirt that just happened to be designed by me. So I think I might be able to get a few people to buy one.

    I spent the weekend on the ice, fishing, did pretty well too. My group of four caught eighty Perch. Missed some fights I was going to go to but had a good time. I was pretty thankful Ididn't get killed going out on such a warm day after hearing about the people on Lake Erie.

    Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

    PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

    PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.
  4. So I have been much lax on the writing of recent. I just found a foot tall stack(literally) of old writing of mine. I will have to sort through it and see if I had any diamonds in the rough. I know there were a lot of short stories, some descent, most not so much. A novel too, a project I spent years on and never came close to finishing. It was one of those page or two a week projects.

    I am also going to look into some writing workshops. I am a descent writer at best and simply have a few things to say and some stories to tell. So I want to really work on my delivery so any reader of mine will have half an idea what I am talking about.

    I have been really hard at work on my website of recent. Still have not got anything up on the web but am working on completing it before I ever throw anything up. So there will be nothing there for a while yet and then all of a sudden it will be complete and ready to be viewed by millions, or a few dozen that's fine too. The color scheme is working out descent but it's a little tough as I have no graphics and/or website experience and am during it virtually all myself.

    Just got back into the boxing gym recently. Tough stuff, I had forgotten how hard it was and taking eight months off didn't help. I am doing alright though. The way I am looking at it is that I cant be worse than the first day I stepped in the gym.

    Good times, anyhow I need to go and do some real writing so I can actually throw something up for people to read.

    Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

    PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

    PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.

    PS And don't let that whole FREE short story thing make you think I am going to make people pay to read my writing. While I plan to publish a collection of short stories at some point I full intend to post many for free for the foreseeable future.
  5. Another Blog(post)

    (So is it proper to call each entry to a blog a blog or do you call it an entry(like I just did) or post or something?)

    Anyways, so I purchased a domain which I will post a link to as soon as I get something up. I kinda got the layout designed in my head, now I just need to see if I can accurately convey it to my web designer. Should be cool though. I would really like it to be more than a website about me. Maybe throw up a forum and have some user submitted stuff and such. The only thing I am worried about is coming across presumptive to think that people want to use my site as a hangout(online), we will see.

    Also thinking of some marketing ideas. My primary goal is simply to write and have people read my writing. So I am thinking of selling two lines. The one(which I don't have a title for yet) will just be a book/books/etc.. sold at virtually production cost, just rounded up a dollar or something. The other line would be called the Signature line and the name is very explanatory. It would be the same products but autographed, maybe with a short note or something. Also the Signature line would probably have drawings and the sort. All priced a little higher.

    I just recently purchased a few notebooks so hopefully when I am nowhere near a computer I can still get some work done. I have done the same thing before, the only issue is that it is a pain in the butt to write it out once and then have to type everything in. It is not so bad though cause I try not to just copy it onto the computer, I use the transfer as an opportunity to do my first edit.

    Here is a sample list of titles I am working on.

    The Last Good Man(Short Story)
    Trip of a Lifetime('')
    Shattered Tranquility('')
    Tears In a Hurricane('')

    Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

    PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

    PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.