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  1. So I find myself once again reading over my most recent work.
    For once I'm pleased as the story has a start, middle and end, as well as all these brilliant twists in-between.
    The character's are well developed, they mesh together and create interesting dialogue. The world they inhabit has an interesting background and is heading towards an unknown future...

    Despite marvelling at my own genius... all my story amounts to is an IDEA. It has not been written and every time I try to write it I get half way and start cowering before my creation.

    I feel as if I am not talented enough to do my own idea justice. I want it to be just right but everything that spills on to the page doesn't seem to fit.
    It's frustrating because I'm interested in this story, I want to finish it! I'm determined to but... if I'm not talented enough to pull it off, well I wonder if it is worth the effort? In the sense that I don't want to destroy the story if someone else (or myself in the future) could do better.

    Is talent the be all and end all, or is a great idea enough to take the writer to the next level? Or is that just wishful thinking and I should stick to my skill range?