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  1. ;) Welcome to one of the most under read blogs on the planet!! ;)

    Well, GCSE results are out on thursday.
    For those who aren't English I shall explain : These are the exams we take at the end of our compulsary education, before College (If we want to go to college)

    My results are out on thursday. I am supposed to be a straight A student (In England we can get A's or A*'s - A* being higher)

    I should do well, predicted A* in History, PE and Geography - my favourite subjects. However I am worried slightly about my results in English, Science and Maths.

    I know deep down that I could have revised harder for those subjects. Because of my high standards I set for myself, I am worried that if I get a B in any of these subjects I will feel a failure.

    Hopefully it wont happen, and I do know that a B is in no way a failure, particularly as I have no interest to go further in those subjects. But with the top universities being well over subscribed they are beginning to look more closely at GCSE's after A levels.

    My main aim is to go to Cambridge to study history, my dad even thinks that Havard or Yale could be an option but I am not so sure in the practicallity. If I do get a few B's then a place may, I say may, be in jeaprody.

    I hope things will turn out ok, we will just have to see on Judgement day.......
  2. So yeah, after my GCSE's I have a massive summer holiday before starting college in september.

    So I started my novel about Julius Caeser :p
    Great fun and a great way to finish my time :D