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  1. I wrote this a while ago, it took me about five minutes as you will probably be able to tell. I felt like sharing it but I don't really want a review or anything so I thought I'd post it here. It's nowhere near good I guess but it is what it is. A silly free verse poem written by a silly love struck poet :p


    You Scare Me

    I quiver under that icy glance
    That stare that - so wrongly yet so rightly yet so wrongly yet so rightly confuses me!
    You see, I don't feel this much
    That icy touch that feels so warm, that warm laugh that feels so much warmer!
    You scare me and I don't know why
    Apart so long that fear felt like a lie
    And yet here you are and - as you wiggle those lips I feel my eyes move down and my heart beat faster
    I feel my head spin so hard it runs into my fingertips and as I sta-sta-stand there stuttering like a stupid stuttering stooge, you feel me

    You feel me and that's what scares me most
    See, to most, I'm just funny
    To some, I’m just weird, to you?
    You scare me when we meet outside and you scare me when I struggle against life’s tide and you listen!
    And because you listen, I can't speak
    A silent, stuttering, stooge poet who's not used to having an audience
    A silent, stuttering, stooge poet who wonders why none of the other girls sending him winks makes him think like this.
    You scare me when you nod and not nod for the sake of nodding but because you get me!
    See, life can be hard but it can also be harder when after all these years I get you out of my mind you turn up
    As if by some force you knew whom I was thinking about
    See, you scare me and I can only hope I scare you too.