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  1. No one has a perfect family but lets be honest, some families aren't the way they should be according to the olden days, I guess you could say, but this is about my family, which seems to be the most reckless of all the families I've ever known. My grandma, 53, had cancer 2 times in her life, fought a hard battle the first time and it passed, second time, she fought harder, but lung cancer is hard to beat, she wanted to live and she had a lot of living to do still, but we lost her only after 5 months. My uncle, 35, has had cancer for about 7 years and could care less whether or not he lives. He abuses drugs in front of his kids, from their toddler stages until the now ages of, 16 and 12. My dad abused my family for years and got nothing out of it, except a new family that he treats better, and my mother is stuck with us kids, our problems, and the fact that he doesn't pay for his kids and their bills. So if there is a higher power, why take the life of the ones that want it and give it to the ones that don't deserve it. For what, the hope that they will change and do something good, hideous actions cant be undone, and you cant fix them. So why give them chance after chance? Just to hurt us or is it just to play the head games with us, cause you have that ability? Do you sit up there in your chair and look down on us and laugh? Or is it for other reasons?? The fun of it? Guess we'll never know...
  2. I'm jealous of your smile,
    your laugh.
    I'm jealous that you are skinny,
    and I'm fat.
    I'm jealous that your family has money,
    but mine doesn't.
    I'm jealous because you get everything,
    and I get nothing.
    I'm jealous because you don't have to work,
    and I have to.
    I'm jealous because you look like a supermodel,
    and I look like a crayon.
    I'm jealous because your family loves you,
    but mine doesn't.
    I'm jealous cause you have pretty eyes,
    but mine are dull.
    Im jealous cause you have perfect hair,
    but mines boring.
    I'm jealous cause you have a perfect life,
    but I have nothing to live for.
    I'm jealous, I'm jealous, I'm jealous,
    but most of all I'm jealous cause
    your happy!!
  3. Sirens going off,
    Cars rushing out of their way,
    No body ever thought her pain would her that far,
    Everyone just stood there and watched without a care.

    As she laid there unconscious,
    For the result of telling her she was ugly, fat, and a slut, Where ever she went they talked,
    She couldn't take all the stress anymore.

    She waited impatiently until the world was asleep,
    Thinking to her self, this is the only thing to solve the problems and hate.

    She grabbed not just one or two or three pills,
    But plenty more,
    She sat there waiting impatiently for them to work, for her to finally stop hurting,
    She died that night and no one had a care in the world.
  4. She stairs in the mirror,
    Pinching the skin around her stomach,
    Molding it in to the ideal shape.

    She wishes that she could look like that,
    The girl in the magazine,
    She compares their hair and teeth,
    Their skin and their lips.

    With every look her self-esteem vanishes,
    Losing confidence,
    Her smile soon fades,
    Her flaws seem endless and numbered,
    As she quickly falls into a state of sadness,
    And puts on a baggy sweat shirt,
    Concealing her imperfect figure,
    Letting go of her dreams and pretending she doesn't care.

    Slowly and realistically,
    She begins to accept her image and identity,
    Repeating to herself,
    That is only herself and that's a good thing.
  5. I was sitting in my room one day,
    I saw in the corner a shadow,
    Most people fathom the dark,
    But For me its sort of a fetish,
    When I'm in the dark and i close my eyes,
    I see everything,
    It's a comfort,
    Take me for a ride,
    Watch me fall down into the depths of my own
    Watch me cry,

    Hear me scream,
    Take me for a ride,
    We fly high.