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  1. So, I haven't been to active at all lately. My reasoning is that I decided I need to write more instead of just typing on a forum. It doesn't quite do me nearly as much justice. I'll still be hanging around on the forum. Just figured I'd state why I haven't been as active as I once claimed I would be.

    Basically, I just think it's going to improve my writing twice as much(Plus it'll be more creative), writing stories over writing a lot on the forum. So, there's my reasoning.

    I'll still be coming around, I think, for quite a while. I just feel it's better to use my time writing stories and improving my skill that.

    Anyway, that's my statement on what's up with me lately.

    Till next time.

    Truth out! ;)
  2. I wrote this poem after a beautiful afternoon of being out in nature. I got the idea after doing some crazy cloud watching in an open field and, it was a really awesome day. Best I've had in a while. It felt like a very full, satisfying day. I see why people love nature now. Keep in mind this isn't the only thing I did. I was out there for 5 hours, so I had a lot of time and did a lot of different stuff. I may blog about other parts of it later.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie

    Out in an open field.
    Sky as far as the eye can see, or can even imagine.
    Sky as high as the eye cares to examine.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    A few clouds here and there.
    Ahhh clouds.
    The paintings of the sky gods.
    What a gift from the heavenly realms.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    I was staring up at someone that looked a lot like the bearded prospector from toy story.
    Possibly a dwarf.
    His smile started out very small and tame.
    Then his beard began to change shape with his smile.
    It grew wider and wider.
    His cheeks and beard puffing out.
    A jovial look that became
    happier and happier.
    Until I was laughing hysterically on the grasses that I lay.
    I assumed he was probably doing the same from the look on his face.
    Luckily no one around for miles.
    And as quickly as it took form the cloud changed into something else.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    I seen monkies, snakes, crocodiles and demons in the clouds I watched that day.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    The sky seemed to flicker, as I watched the blue parts, which I found very odd.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    I never knew how high birds flew, until I seen V-shaped dots of geese, way high above me.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    I saw the sun lowered in the sky. And for the first time in my life, I watched the sunset, as my day came to a closing end.

    Infinite Sky Wherever You Lie!

    Wherever you roam,
    and wherever you lie.
    Somewhere above you
    there is infinite sky!


    Truth out!
  3. This is a poem I have written for my dearly beloved forest and how we met.

    Ode to my forest
    I have driven to a foreign woods hesitantly.
    As it is not my own woods, but I can never go back there now.
    I come to a field and decide I will walk into and explore this woods.
    I can feel the magic of this forested land.
    There is angel white snow on the ground but 3/4th of it has melted.
    Standing there in the corner of my forest I see a small pinetree.
    On one side of the tree, there are branches all the way down to the ground.
    On the other side it is bare up to a perfect point.
    Not too high not too low.
    Just right.
    Perfect place to sit down, and watch the forest.
    So I sit and I observe from the stillness underneath my pine.
    Minutes pass and I become very relaxed and quiet.
    The wind is a refreshing spring breeze on my face and I feel more alive as I drink it in through my breath.
    There are rain clouds out, dark blue completely covering the sky. But no rain.
    It is beautifully woven to fit my taste.
    I hear snow geese honking off behind me on a lake or possibly a pond.
    I see a bald eagle majestically fly over me. King of the sky.
    There are times of deep silence in my forest, and times where the geese are so loud its all I hear .
    I have finally found my forest.

    My goal with this poem was to use as many descriptive words as possible. I'll run over this post many more times. It will be changing from time to time until I post I am satisfied with it. Got any comments/critique. Drop me a line.

    Until then. Truth out!
  4. Hi, my name is Matt for those of you who know me, and for those of you who don't know me my name is still Matt! :eek: I'm here to learn and improve my writing. I will also help those in need of help where I am knowledgeable. Eventually I hope to become a professional online freelance writer.

    I also have a very crazy imagination, and could easily see myself becoming an author of horror, fantasy and sci fi. I have come to this forum seeking help with writing in general. Right now, my biggest demon with writing is commas. I am hoping by the time I leave, I will have slayed this beast completely.

    I am planning on being a very active member (logging on daily, making posts daily) on this forum, and embracing all aspects of this forum.

    The reason, is because I am really looking to improve my writing skill. It is my belief that it will give me a better base to stand on in life. Knowing the general direction I want to go in life, and how I figure I can best influence the world.

    Writing has always had at least some kind of influence in my life. I used to pretend play stories out in my backyard. I hate to tell you that I still do that on occasion and I'm 19 years old. :rolleyes: In fact, that is where a lot of the stories that I write come from. I have paced trails into the ground from walking a certain area so much. :redface:

    Although I will admit I have not practiced writing nearly enough until recent months.
    I also think that getting active on a forum with improving my writing skill will help me to become better, and climb the skill ladder faster. Then if I just unconsciously wrote a lot.

    My plan with these blogs also, is to go back over my writing posts and correct what I missed. Giving me another tool to improve my writing. If you would like to critique or comment on my posts please go ahead and do so.

    Until the next post! Truth out! :cool: