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  1. ....I for whatever reason felt like finally testing out this nifty blog feature thing. I'm sure I'm probably just typing to type and posting to post, all that. I'm a little alarmed it's been about 7 months since I've joined WF and I feel as if I haven't really.... done much. I really do enjoy these forums, but at the same time I feel disconnected. Yes, way to make sense, lol.

    I find it both inspiring and intimidating to come across so many different kinds of people with a common desire. We all like to write. Sometimes when I read a short story a user has crafted, it's scary! There are so many people on this website that can write well. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well (obviously?). It sort of makes me question whether my heart is in writing nearly as much as it's clearly in some of yours. Like I said, it's inspiring but intimidating. And daunting, heh.

    I would really like to explore WF more. Read more of the pieces (and review!), get to know more of the users, basically just participate rather than being a near-ghost. Maybe one day I'll come up with something new to post, lol. I haven't been writing much these days, not since about August. Bad, I know. I just want to feel like a member of these forums, not just be one! hello! You probably don't in fact know me, but we both like to write. I think that's a good starting ground for getting to know someone. :)