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  1. Ok so in our seminar yesterday, we were given a set of questions. We then had to pick any object we could see and write a poem about it.

    Heres what I came up with.

    I'm feeling quite shy at the minute, not as open as I usually am.
    I live in a dark place for the majority of the time
    But I belong on the shelf.
    My family are there; edition three, four, and even five
    And I'm sat in the dark by myself.
    I have never been educated. I educate the ones who choose to entertain me.
    Keats and Milton never looked so interesting.
    I can drive you insane with my plethora of flowery language that probably doesn't even make sense,
    So perhaps you'll choose to sit on the fence
    After you pick me up.
    God is here too, and I can remind you
    about absolutely everything you've ever read through.
    Wordsworth, Frost, to name a few
    of the things my pages contain.

    But they have been forgotten.
    And I will sit through the pain.