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  1. Ever get one of those days when you're trying to write, but its like pushing water uphill with a sieve? :mad:

    I'm going through that just now. I'm writing book 2 of a trilogy, it's been going well, the plot is suitably mapped out with twists and revelations all over the place, I'm itching to get it down, but the words just will not flow.
    The characters are filling my head with what they want to say, their actions, re-actions, motivations, the whole bhuna.
    But when it comes to sitting down and putting the words out, it feels like my knuckles have filled with water.

    Frustrating, huh?

    So I'm gonna stop writing for the day, go take the dog out for a couple of hours, and hope that the fresh air and endorphins will work some magic.
    Time will tell, I guess.