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    I'm looking around wondering why we in this cheap ass motel.
    Derrick had his eyes closed like he was really doing something. I mean the sex was o.k. it wasnt nothing to go crazy about but the situation between us was fucked up and I was getting the short end of the stick.

    I remember when I met him on metropolitian road in the kroger parking lot he was pushing a black dodge charger and the brother was fine
    he was the color of dark mocha 6'3 muscular build gorgeous smile and DEEP POCKETS and all that came with a wife attached.

    He claimed he was unhappy and he was leaving her. I ate that lie up because I was 18 and fresh out of high school hell what did I know.
    Derrick a.k.a Petey always made sure I had the best

    New I-phone
    new Red Bottoms
    amd more clothes than I could wear
    and on top of all that he got me a black mecerdes 500 to push around
    My pockets stayed on full that was until about a month ago when he stated in a matter of fact type of way
    My wife pregnant se we gotta chill for a minute

    I was sitting across from him at our usual table at copelands I leaned back in my chair and asked what exactly does chill mean

    It means n W Hotel every friday night no more Louey Bags no more Red Bottoms No more custom made clothes

    And I asked

    And what Petey said with an attitude

    I opened my Christian Dior bag and pulled out a wad of money that i had secured with two rubber bands it was worth about a hot 8 grand
    What about this

    Shavone put ya change up I'ma still break bread with you But its not going to be stupid money like you used to

    How much Petey

    About 750.00 a month
    I dropped my fork on the floor

    Are you serious


    Petey thats the kind of money you get if you work at mickey d's

    Well take it or leave it shavone thats all i'm offering right now

    I looked down at my I-phone and checked my account balance
    That would be alot of money to the average 19 year old but i could blow thru that in no time but i had to call Petey's bluff i couldnt let him play with 750.00 a month please he was the only man in the world
    I stared at Derrick Hudson for a minute longer to see if he was really serious and his face was stone cold so i grabbed my bag and said I'll leave it

    I dropped three hundred on the table and said thanks for dinner

    So now I'm looking at the dirty ceiling of this cheap ass motel all because Petey called and said he missed me and he had a gift for me

    Shavone i'm cummin

    Petey's voice snapped me out of my thought I moaned Nut for daddy and I licked my nipple that worked like a charm he was done.

    He layed beside me breathing heavily

    Damn girl I missed that pussy

    I was half way dressed by the time he opened his eyes
    Wait lets take a shower so i can taste that juicy fruit
    Hell no i wouldnt dare take a shower in this place

    I pulled my custom made hot pink Juicy Couture shirt on and grabbed my matching purse

    Where's my gift


    Uh hell you heard me

    Von you really tripping
    i hate when he used my nickname and he knew it

    Petey dont do me produce my gift or some real money


    Petey this is your last chance because if I walk out that door you'll never hear from me again

    Really I pay the phone bill BITCH!!

    Bitch-a word I hated with a passion this negro had lost his damn mind
    So I was about to lose mine too
    I threw a 300.00 I-phone into the wall and watched it break I walked out the door

    As I approached my car I saw a light skinned 5'2 woman dressed like she lived at K-mart leaned against Petey's car
    I felt around in my purse for my girl to make sure she was in there
    My hand touched the handle of a chrome plated .45
    When I was dead on her she spoke

    So you the hoe thats fuckin my husband
    Hoe-another word I despise

    Excuse me

    You heard me trick you fuckin Petey

    Yea and looking at you i see why he want me to ride his face every weekend you look like ya pussy dry as sandpaper

    She tried to slap me but she was to slow I grabbed her hand

    Look lady I know you pregnant so i dont want to beat yo ass but I'm not gone let you slap me


    We both turned our heads and saw Petey running towards us with his fists balled up I let his ol lady go and grabbed my pepper spray
    Petey walked right up to his wife and punched her in the mouth she fell to the ground and started crying
    Petey turned to me and i assume he was thinking i was going to let him knock me out
    he got a face full of pepper spray and when he reached for his eyes I kicked his dick three times with my four inch stiletos
    He was on the ground screaming
    I walked over and helped his ol lady off the ground her lip was busted

    You need to leave his crazy ass Why you let him hit you

    Cause I need him

    For what!!!
    She just stared at me

    How old are


    30 I screamed I'm 19 and I know better your 30 so you should definitly know better that fool could kill you then what

    I know but I love him

    Please like Tina said whats love got ta do wit it Did you sign a pre-nup


    Then leave his ass and take half of what he got plus child support
    she just stared at me

    You need to call the police and get that lip looked at

    she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone to call 911
    Look at me helping this pathetic chick she was ready to go toe to toe with me just five mintues ago now she needed me to save her from her crazy ass husband

    The police are on the way can you wait with me and give them a statement


    Thanks whats your name

    Just call me Juicy

    Ok i'm Lisa

    Alright we not about to be buddy buddy or nothing I helped you because thats the kind of person I am if I see someone in trouble I step in

    Thats cool Juicy

    Help me
    We both turned our heads to see Petey trying to get up

    Negro please the police on the way to help yo sorry ass

    Lisa help me now
    Before lisa could open her mouth I spoke

    Who are you demanding you try and beat this lady and now you want her to help you

    I was about to kick him again but i heard the sirens in the background

    Get in my car it will look better if we in the car instead of standing over his body

    When i saw the first squad car pull up I opened my door and waved my hands the officer walked over and hancuffed Petey and helped get up the second officer asked me was I the victim
    No she is but I witnessed the whole thing and i was peppered sprayed him and kicked him a few times
    The officer walked over to Lisa and asked her did she want to press charges

    Yes she whispered

    Ok lets walk to my car

    The ambulance pulled up to check Petey out like he was the victim or something
    He was handcufffed to the strecher
    The police took my statement and photos of Lisa's face

    Ma'am do you need someone to follow you home

    No I'll be fine

    When Lisa walked back to Petey's car i said where's your car

    I dont have one

    I gasped before saying shut the front door are you serious


    Well how did you get here

    A cab
    Baby you a damn fool I know petey got long money cause i spend plenty of it hell he bought this car

    she dropped her head

    Look you can take petey car and i'll be nice and give you this one back since i'm in a giving mood

    well how will you get home do you need cab fare

    i laughed so hard i almost pissed in my pants
    Stop are you serious do I look like i need cab fare
    i'll get somebody to follow me to your spot so i can get home

    I called my friend DeJuan finally on the 4th ring he picked up


    Hey DeJuan where you at

    Nowhere just riding 'round

    Pull up at the Super 8 on old national I need you to follow me somewhere


    I gotta drop of this Mercedes off


    Stop asking so many questions and bring yo ass on

    What's in it for me

    Two dollars

    Stop! he started laughing i'm on the way


    After I hung up the phone i saw Lisa staring at me

    I'm just trying to see what Petey saw in you

    Really Well let me hip you to all this Petey wanted me because I'm aggresive i always look fly from sunday til saturday I know how to fit in anywhere I demand control and attention and I do everything you wont do
    and if you feel like asking another dumb ass question you might want to diall 911 now cause you will need an ambulance like ya ol man GOT IT!

    I didnt wait for her to answer i got into the Mercedes to wait on DeJuan
    I should have slapped the spit out her mouth i saved her from a beat down and she has the nerve to try me
    i layed my head back and prayed DeJuan would hurry and get there

    Beep Beep

    I looked in the rearview mirror and saw DeJaun's purple old school Cutlass
    I walked to the passengers side and got in

    Hey DeJuan

    Juicy he smiled and kissed my cheek

    Thanks for coming

    So what kind of trouble you in now