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  1. That means its acidic, like the rest of your days.

    I have to say im not in a very "lively" mood lately, im going through a lot right now and desperately needed to do something that will make me forget my situation and actually wake up and do something about it.

    Well, the problem with me is that Im what you would call a "supehero", a person that looks for others in distress so she can help solve their problems. But what to do when the superhero is the one in distress?

    This superheroine is at the end of the rope, barely holding on to her beliefs, dreams and hopes. But hey, im still here aren´t I?

    Good wishes for all of you people, and for the "Schadenfraude" lovers, hope my story made you feel better about yourselves.

    Lol, no worries though, ill be up and running in a week =)
  2. Hi guys!

    So what´s new today? Not much I would say, probably just the fact that now time is catching up to me and punishing me for not doing anything in these past days. I have this project I desperately "need" to finish. It´s a story for a girl that paid for it, with drawings and sketches included.

    If you are wondering why would she ask a newbie like me to write something, its mostly because I tend to keep my writings interesting, I may not be too bright in the grammar department but I sure love to give a little twist here and there and keep the reader glued. Oh and also, well I do draw and paint and it has to count for something, right?:p

    Anyways, I don´t really have writer´s block, its just that im lazy! Lazy as hell!:eek: And I just want to lie down and watch the rain and probably hope for another day off at school.

    So yeah, story of my life. Hope everything is well for you people :D

    [​IMG] - Me but without the beer! I don´t like alcohol unless its a margarita;)
  3. Hi guys!

    So, I recently had a big problem and I don't know if its a curse or what the hell it is but im sure not liking it one bit.

    It appears that im turning into a "vegetarian" but not because I want to, but because my body is forcing me to do it. How come? Easy. If you lived around my block and had to see dead birds everyday you would understand me. Birds! Big, small, cracked little eggs with their tiny bodies split in half, half eaten by bugs or cats, or just lying around lifeless.

    It was sad at first, then it turned disgusting. In fact so much that now I can't eat anything bird related, like chicken, turkey, hen or even eggs! It hurts because chicken used to be my favorite dish, I could eat any type of chicken, now I can't even see it.

    Funny thing is I dosen't end there. Last night I got in an argument with my mother and she made me so mad that I wanted "revenge". And so, being the little devil I am, stole her tuna sandwich that she had so "lovingly" stored in the fridge. However, ignoring basic cooking rules, I ate it as fast as I could and I almost gagged! You try saving a tuna sandwich in the fridge and see what happens... The bread was all wet and spongy and it tasted like old moldy fish. Now im sad to say, I can't eat tuna either:(

    So, what's next? A rotten hamburger maybe? A worm infested steak?

    Bring it on life! I'll never give up all the meat!:p

  4. "Alex"

    Nice name isn´t it? Even has a nice ring to it when pronounced. However, many people in Mexico now resent that name and everything it brought upon us.

    Yes, when I say "us" I mean me too. The hurricane hit my city pretty badly. It destroyed main bridges, houses, dragged cars and people into its murky waters and left us without drinking water or electricity. Killed 6 people and left many trapped in their houses unable to even cross the street due to the debris lying around.

    A tragedy if you ask me, but we are slowly recovering. If you´re wondering how I am doing, I must say, thank god im fine. Nothing bad happened around my block, only that I´ve got no drinking water, but that´s nothing compared to other people´s bad luck. Its a wonder how people can unite after disaster but forgets about others when things are just "fine".

    I had to tell you people about this because most of my online friends had no idea about the hurricane incident, because of course its a national thing. Still, its good that people know of what mother nature can accomplish.