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  1. Once upon a time, there was a girl called "jolly". She was ugly, black skinned and short with curly hair .She spent her whole day in front of her mirror, trying to fix her over curly hair, But what about her black skin? She tried to whiten herself .She mixed flour and milk with powder. Then she applied it on her black skin.

    "Oh!! What a white girl I am. I will be white". She cried happily. Jolly washed her face and said "Oh my god!!I am black again "she cried sadly. Her mama was always telling her "Jolly, always be yourself, you have to accept your self, accept your curly hair, your short height and your black skin." However jolly didn't convince with such words .One a day jolly decided to visit the beauty castle. Yes she heard about it in her village. All girls were talking about it. It was huge one; with 100 doors all ugly girls enter its main door. They came out so beautiful like princess.

    "Uh, what an idea to be a princess" Jolly said to herself. "I will visit this beauty castle; I want to be beautiful girl". She kept telling herself so during her way to the castle .Even she was trying to brief her way out by running fast. But her dress was flying away of her legs; her hair became fuzzy of fast running. Jolly slow down her walk back again .She kept so , till she reached the castle .There she found the 100 doors .She chose 3 only. The first blue one was reading a big banner called" be beauty ".

    The second white one was reading another banner called "be your self ".She thought with broad minded "how can I be beauty or be my self , I am jolly , I am not anyone else. Oh I have to discover ". Then she saw the last door with its banner called "love your self ".

    Jolly entered the first blue door .There she found many mirrors .She tried many hair styles. The long soft hair, the blond curly one and many different hair colors .But all looked weird, different. Even though, she didn't know herself .he said "no, I don't like my look like that .I want my curly black hair back again ". Jolly said before she left the 1st door .Then she entered the second one "be your self ".
    She went inside there. She had a very deep look upon her black shinny skin and her comped curly black hair with her simple dress and shoe in the mirror. She really felt self confident and content. Jolly decided not to enter the third door because she loved herself with her simple beauty .At least it suits her age. She now discovered that her beauty is in herself, in her simplicity not in blond hair or white skin. She looked sleeky and more ugly than she thought .Jolly came out of this castle. She became areal beautiful girl .She remember her mum's words "be your self ". She learned if you can't love and accept yourself, you have to do so, to be beautiful.:)