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  1. This is called The Brothers, and I came up with it when I was sitting in my room being bored (like usual)

    The Brothers

    The candles dimly lit the hall
    As shadows dance upon the wall
    Two pair of eyes, on black, one gray
    Said more than words could ever say

    The elder with a robe of white
    That shone like beacons in the night
    The younger donned a darker cloak
    So dark, the light it seemed to choke.

    They moved as one, thus drawing nearer
    And they could see each other clearer
    They mat after some five steps each
    Their arms they slowly used to reach

    Out to the other through the air
    Through silence many could not bear
    And grasped the other’s reaching hand
    Firmer than a strict command

    They pulled together in embrace
    As they rejoiced at brother’s face
    After the buildings drastic fall
    They’d found each other, robes and all