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  1. Title: Soul Flare Maximum

    My new idea a fantasy based book that takes place on a newly terraformed planet named Mar-sera the new planet has been colonized by 3 different factions, one being the main character of the story, who goes by the name of Maximus. Maximus is a renowned prince of the Human Sovereignty, a colony of pure blooded humans who live in a monarchy like government. The rival faction to the H.S. is the Necromechs. An undead/mechanical race that infuses and infests the decaying dead with cybernetic parts and alien biological DNA. The necrobots which carry out this deed are surprising small in nature and very weak but when they find a host not only do they gain the power of their host but also the strength of a machine that also feels no pain. And depending on the number of bots to one host determines the power/strength of the final creature product. The Necromechs are lead by a sinnical tyrant named Dranur who's cunning is matched by his combat prowess. Last but not least is the 3rd faction, which a neutral race of alien robotics that evolved A.I. and became pacifist when they broke lose of their ancient masters. They call themselves Series 7. They are immortal in nature and extremely tough but their downfall is they do not have the technology or rescorces to create more of themselves.
    The hero Maximus one day is training in his markmenship when the alarm gave out that they were being invaded. The tenastity of our hero the last human who stood his ground surrounded by the hundreds of necromechs gave out a wild shreik that with that a aura glowed then a huge supernova exploded from his very soul that eratcated what was left of the horde but left him unconscious lost in the fabric of his own mind to ponder this new "soul magic" that couldn't save his people. But it saved himself. And that's were the first chapter will begin is in his dream world he will have a vision to explore different planets new and ancient to master his new ability and take vengeance of the race that eradicated his.