This is a blog.
This is a blog about superheroes.
This is a blog about superheroes named Punkster and Cap'n Babester.

Read. If you please.
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  1. Hello.

    I'm Meg.

    And this is my first blog.

    This blog, as you may have read, is about my superheroes, Punkster and Babester.

    I'm writing this blog as I write about them.

    So. I'll start by saying that Lex (Punkster's human identity) is a bit whiny. But she's also heavily pessimistic due to the way the world treats her. Eisley (Cap'n Babester's human identity) is Lex's sidekick, but is unfailingly optimistic. I like the idea of having a second MC be the first MC's foil rather than having the AC be the MC's foil.

    So. Yeah.

    Stay classy, Forum Friends.

    Meg the Ledge.