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  1. I'm off work today and am mostly just relaxing about the house, spent the morning at Disney's Hollywood Studios riding my favourite ride and wandering about looking at the holiday decor. Disney certainly doesn't scrimp on holiday cheer and seeing the parks literally caked in garlands and lights puts a smile on my face. It's a bit strange to think that Christmas Eve is two weeks from today and also that I'll see my mother and brother in ten days- both very exciting of course.

    I've neglected the time I want to put into this site and I need to get back into it, I've let my work life take over but Magic Kingdom is an easy place to let take over someone's professional life. Especially since opening New Fantasyland, all hands have been on deck in all business units of the park and we all scarcely get a break to breathe. Hence why my Paris holiday in exactly one month will be such a welcome retreat for five days.

    I suppose that is all for the time being.
  2. ... being in Guest Relations at Disney is a grand position to have, as it's global and I spent 7 hours today meeting new people at Animal Kingdom and enjoying myself greatly. It's amazing how quiet that park is compared to my home location at Magic Kingdom, closing takes mere minutes and there isn't a line out the door of complainers either. I enjoyed it very much and definitely will be picking up there again in the future. I need all the money for Paris in January I can get anyway.

    It's been a frustrating day because fighting via text messages on a mobile doesn't accomplish anything and just leads to confusion and misinterpretations on both sides, and I spent the majority of the evening after work trying to reason with my best friend but I just ended up crying instead. I guess I need to give it up and go to sleep so I'm rested for work tomorrow, but when I get wound up, I can't sleep.

    Anyways, time to peruse the forums here, listen to whatever strikes my fancy in my Spotify account, and try to make my thoughts organised and maybe actually write a bit of something tonight. Even if it doesn't turn out so well. Never hurts to just write.
  3. ... no clue who will read, if anyone will read, but I can post for my own amusement at least. On the blog, that is.

    So I need something else to do to kill the time on break at work and I think this is the most helpful place to hang out. Maybe I'll be motivated to actually put my lazy fingers to work and type something out for once instead of tossing phrases and short paragraphs about whenever I get the urge to open my app on my iPhone for novel writing.

    Just so you all know, I ramble a lot.

    I apologise.

    And I use British slang and spelling despite being a born and bred American but my God, when you're best guy friend is a born and bred Englishman, well his habits and mannerisms wore off on me and I just can't help myself.