Holds information about my publications from 2008-2011. More up-to-date information, plus general blogging, can be found at theresearkenberg.blogspot.com
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  1. My fantasy story "Every Mother's Child" appears in Fantastique Unfettered's second issue.

    “So what do you think?” I asked when I had finished.
    “If you’re right, it’s no wonder people don’t last long down here. Every mother’s child has to show how they feel sometimes—and Astet’s Mercy, in a place like this, I imagine you must feel a lot.”
    Some people, facing death, do get emotional. But not most swordsellers. I was surprised at Rathin.
    “Not me.” I turned on my side. “But then, I’m no mother’s child.”
  2. "The Sorcerer Next Door" appears in Semaphore Magazine's March 2011 issue.

    He didn’t look like a wizard.
    I knew he was, of course. I couldn’t forget. My mother attended every single
    meeting, every protest at the town hall, signed every petition circulating the
    neighborhood to keep him out of this garden in this house next door to ours, all in vain
    for whatever bureaucratic reason. But he didn’t look the part.
  3. "The Gallows Wife" has been reprinted in Static Movement's Shadows Within Shadows anthology.
  4. My short story "After Zander" appears in the January 2011 issue, with art by Holly Eddy.

    Something in Zandar is at work, it was whispered, that orders things so that when a man arrives there, he finds what things he remembers fondest, and the greatest of his unfulfilled hopes...there is a little more to the tale, a part I often ignored, that said a man who visits Zandar must sacrifice the land of his past, his home. But there were many men on the docks of Nurathaipolis, I reasoned, and surely many of them were native, and surely some of them had been to Zandar and back.
  5. For the month of March I am a featured writer on AnthologyBuilder, which means any anthology including at least one of my stories is $1 off. I have a short-story collection available there, but the offer works on any anthology. I have 21 stories on the site, including reprints from Every Day Fiction, MindFlights, Kaleidotrope, and the Lorelei Signal.
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