Holds information about my publications from 2008-2011. More up-to-date information, plus general blogging, can be found at theresearkenberg.blogspot.com
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  1. My flash fantasy piece, "Few Are Called..." has been accepted for publication for July 21, 2010 on the daily flash fiction website.

    There were weeds in the cabbages, and another messenger from the King’s Seat was standing at the gate.

    “Go away,” Georich growled. He tugged up one of the offenders, a spiny thing thrusting through the block of round green heads. The other offender fidgeted nervously in her embroidered robes. Her eyes were fixed on his forehead, on the Mark there that proved he was a Chosen One.
  2. Looks like I'll be appearing in Tower of Light fantasy a second time! My story "Goddess of Ashes" will be in the Summer 2010 issue.

    The patron goddess of Adsadbara, Cleitan, was said to live in fire and draw nourishment from ashes. If so, she feasted in Doremal.
  3. "Invitation of the Queen" appears in Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #52.

    The brutal resistance of an occupied nation, a beautiful woman, a friend's jealousy, a book that should have been burned--these things will change Ander Leuhovesen's life forever.

    I don't think any summary of mine could really do this story justice. Among other things, it was very interesting to write because its narrator, Leuhovesen's friend Hary, is...well, 'jerk' isn't nearly strong enough, 'racist bigot' doesn't cover all of it, an any word that does cover all of it would be a spoiler. And yet he can be surprisingly good-hearted to the right people. To say I enjoyed writing about him would sound awful, but I'm glad that I managed to pull it off, and more than a little proud.
  4. My novella "Aqua Vitae" will be published by WolfSinger Publications sometime in 2011.

    Jenes Inarya's quest for immortality drives her across the galaxy, but the prospect of eternal life seems to cause more problems than it solves.

    Expect many more updates to this page over the year as more information becomes available.
  5. "To the Alter" will be published in Warrior Wisewoman 3, from Norilana Books. (links: Amazon and, for those of you who fear Amazon is taking over the world, Barnes & Noble).

    From reviewer Leigh Kimmel:

    Throughout history men have made the decision to go to war while women have dutifully sent their sons off to kill and die and have kept the home front going in their absence. In Therese Arkenberg's "To the Altar," a woman president on a far distant colony world is fighting a war not dissimilar to our own War on Terror, yet at the same time reminiscent of the Japanese kamikaze of World War II. The enemy is too weak to have a chance in a stand-up battle, so they send their fighters in more subtle ways, creating an endless stream of wounds. Frustrated by the inability to gain a decisive victory with conventional warfare, she is seriously contemplating using the terrible weapons described in the records of the ships that brought their ancestors to this world. And then comes a suicide fighter of the other side on a most extraordinary mission, very different from what everybody expects. Although the story ends on somewhat ambiguous note, the important moral and philosophical issues have been firmly dealt with.
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