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  1. I'm upgrading to broadband...hopefully.
  2. Apparently my default gateway is down, hense why I cannot post here. This is being posted from a plush internet cafe using Wi-Fi. So HA!
  3. Isn't it all a bit funny having a book about staging a coup, with such detail? I mean, it was bad enough with Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook, but putting it into stark context is a danger. Anyone with money could take over a country after reading those books - which is a shame, since I only get seventy quid a week personally.

    I think there should be a redefinition of statehood, as well as a reworking of democracy.
  4. Could people stop being such bloody communists by saying "oh **** the parents, loads of kids go missing everyday and you never hear anything about them," or "why focus on one little kid when Israelis are killing poor Palestinian children?"

    I'd like to see more investment in trying to find the girl instead of arguing over the goddamned morality. By the way, I've seen none of these statements on this site - then again, I haven't looked.
  5. Soldier of Fortune II Gold Edition is on it's way to me - can't wait. I've been after a truly gory game for ages. In it, you can blow people's heads apart, not just like soft grapes, but literally blow parts of people's heads off - and arms, legs, hands, soforth. You can gut your victim, shoot or stab them and watch their viscera fall out onto the floor as you stamp on their heads.

    Oh, and it has a plot about a virus or something.