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  1. Ha! I am so happy right now!

    I was searching around Google this morning, and as I was snooping for helpful hints for writing a novel, I stumbled across a website by Simon Haynes. He had some really good articles contatining the helpful hints I wanted.

    But then I found MORE! I found that he'd created a software program called yWriter that helps categorise everything and anything in your novel! And so I sat here thinking "Wow! I have to get this program!" So I searched on Ebay (my first point of call whenever I want something!) but I couldn't find it.

    My heart sank a bit, but pulled right back up again when I simply googled 'yWriter' and found that it was FREE to download it from Simon Hayne's website!

    Fantastic! I'm so excited, I'm using it right now. Writers Block? What writers block?

    I recommend yWriter to any one wanting to write a novel! It's amazing!

    Hehe....well I'm off to enjoy my wonderful discovery now so I'll post later!!

    Tiff :D
  2. Don't you just HATE writers block?

    I had this fantastic story, all planned out. I had my blueprint and my itty-bitty notebook full of my important characters.

    Seven pages in....and I'm out. I have nothing more to give the story. I'm bored. If I, the writer, am bored with my own work, how can I expect anyone to read it without falling asleep?

    So now I'm sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen and waiting for a novel to type itself out. What a sad little world I am sitting in...

    I have read so many other people's work on the Forum in the last couple of days, and reviewed a few of them too. What fantastic writers you guys are!

    I think that's what stumped me. My work sounds like an 8 year old with ADHD wrote it while on a sugar makes no sense to me any more.

    Well I think now that my fingers have finally started moving across the keyboard, I might open a fresh page in Word and see what happens...

    Night all! :cool:
  3. Hey again!

    It's my birthday today, I'm 19!
    I have to say, I loved being 18 and I don't want to get any older lol! But because it's inevitable...

    Next year it will be even worse because I'll have to say goodbye to my teenage years. It's a scary thought that I'll never get them back...

    But anyway....I've been very busy the last few days! On Friday night a group of my friends took me out clubbing for my birthday and that was awesome! I was very late home lol and had to get up early Saturday morning. So you can imagine that by Saturday night, I was looking forward to a quiet night of carbonara, movies and bed! But my friends had other boyfriend tricked me into going out as soon as I got to his place and he told me he had to pick up some money from his mate's place. But when we walked in the gate, it was dark. Then the lights came on and all my friends yelled SURPRISE!
    I was so embarrassed, and totally shocked! I couldn't believe they'd kept the secret so long!

    That was another late night lol, so I haven't slept a lot this weekend!

    I've been absolutely spoilt today though, and I'm looking forward to a Chinese dinner with my family tonight!

    That's my exciting weekend, in a nutshell lol. I'll post more when I have more to say!

    Tiff xxxx
  4. I joined this Writers Forum a few months ago now and I still haven't really used it.

    What a pity!

    I had a severe case of Writers Block (or, as I like to call it, a case of 'Gilmore Girls re-runs are so more interesting than my own story') but thanks to my best friend, I'm speeding down the track to the Finish line of my first ever novel.

    Pretty impressive for a 19 year old girl with a 2 year old son, hey?

    Any story is coming along at a pace that I am happy with and I'm really enjoying the escape it gives me from everyday, mundane life.

    I would like to post it here for reviews but 1) I'm a chicken and I really hate criticism, 2) It's girly and from the stories I've read on here, I don't know how many people would want to sit and read it, and 3) I haven't reached the right amount of criticism of other's work yet.
    I tried with one person but I don't think it's what the Administrating or Moderating team are looking for.

    That brings me to my next little tid-bit of info about what I've been doing for the last 48 hours besides looking after my best friend's cat which I'm allergic to, tries to kill my own cat and frightens my son so much he won't leave the lounge room...

    I found (one of the many, I assume) places on the Internet that help you set up your own Forum for free! So I'm starting my own Writing Forum! It's quite exciting and I'd love to post the link all over this Forum, and really, any other Writers Forum I can find on the World Wide Web.

    But I'm pretty sure I have to ask permission to post a link so I'd better do that first.
    Another thing I must organise is getting my own domain name because at the moment I'm connected to the Forum-Building site.

    I'll keep you updated on my new Forum and my story!

    Tiff xxxx