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  1. Hmm, first blog so do forgive me if this isn't really blogging, as such, but as far as I know blogging has no rules...

    I was thinking about song lyrics when I reviewed one a couple of hours ago, and, in my opinion, this sentence has too many commas lyrics really don't matter compared to a good soundtrack. Yes, I do realise that that's a silly thing to say in the writing forums, but if you really think about it, how often do you listen to the lyrics as much as the general flow of the song? TNT by AC/DC is a great example, and although you can easily hear the lyrics, the lyrics aren't actually very good if you think about it and especially if you review it like we do in wf ... yet the song is rightfully popular and, well, awesome! I'll include a link to a TNT lyric page thingy and also a link to the actual song so you can actually interpret what exactly I'm wittering on about.

    But anyways, the whole point of this is about how music isn't really writing, strictly speaking. And, unless you're great at writing lyrics, it's best to take the animators' point of view; get the base and then do the art ... that didn't really work but hey ho!

    That was my first blog and I think it's kind of right as a blog ... links: lyrics of TNT
    Actual song, ignore the info on the right ...

    Just to be clear, neither of the sites nor song/lyrics are mine I'm just linking...okay?