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  1. Her eyes remained trapped on the smooth sharp edged paper which lay gracefully in the center of her hands. Her fingers lay loose balancing the horizontal piece in the air. Hypnotized By the many words scattered across the plain white blank surface , her fragile frame began to tremor violently till the flimsy note slipped from her insignificant grasp and slowly glided through the thin restless air , landing on nothing But a roughened floor which it laid face down upon . Where her eyes where no longer fixed.

    Her hands motionlessly stayed in the same position as her lifeless knees buckled from underneath her very feet. Rapidly hitting the hardened base her body shriveled to barely seeable spec coiled up on the floor. Her drained limbs squashed together enclosing her into a small circular ball, which rested motionless along the cold shattered flooring.

    Smooth cold liquid ran freely through her fragile frame laying decrepitly on the floor, which stained her porcelain polished skin she franticly moved her hands up and down her arms in a violent motion to remove the red died rivers that overwhelmed her broken skeleton.

    Continuous drips bounced slowly off her damaged skull, slowly rotating her head she faced the sealing fixing her eyes on a limp blood drained body hanging loosely from the ceiling. Doing nothing but constantly staring blood ran freely through hair platinum blonde hair, reaching for the paper she was once fascinated on her hand slowly dropped effortlessly and laid loosely upon the paper.

    The Note and the girl remained. Still. Lifeless and Dead.