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  1. I've just discovered that taking three lit classes at one time is draining.

    Ask me to write something technical and I could pump that baby out in a few hours. Ask for a poem and I'd stare blankly at the page until scribbling out some half- assed piece of crap.

    This summer I was so determined to write. I decided that I should try to get my 1st large novel out of the way. I've written many smaller ones, but they were written in my middle and high school years and were not very good. I feel that I am improving but it's still hard to get motivated. I think what's hard is that every time I try to get someone to read it, they ask "Are you going to get this published?"

    That is not my goal. That's not why I'm writing it. For some reason that one question cuts me off from it. It becomes a job, a chore, and no longer something fun.

    I've got terrible writer's block and I need to get past the fear and just . . . write.