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  1. My profile has been inactive for a while but when I came back on I could no longer post stories in the community. Is this because I have been so inactive and if so what can I do?
    I've tried email administrators that I was in contact with before but got no response.

  2. I got this today:

    Dear ******,

    Thank you for your e-mail and manuscript.

    If you'd like to e-mail me a brief bio on yourself as well (including your postal address and contact details in ******), we would be glad to consider your work further for possible representation.

    kind regards,


    I'm trying not to get too excited but this is only the second time I've had a positive response to something I sent off.
  3. I noticed recently with a certain amount of bitterness that a girl i went to school with has not only published several books but now is gathering quite a name for herself as a writer. This bitterness is pure jealousy you understand. I've no reason to sneer at the quality of her work, vile though it is, or resent the fact that she has never had a proper job (has spent the last ten years being supported at home while she is allowed to create). I can't help but be resentful and grumpy that she has managed to do something i haven't. I've never had the guts to try to get something published until a few months ago and while that was a wonderful feeling, I had no cash for my efforts and reality sank back in once the afterglow had dimmed: I still had a whole manuscript gathering dust that I am afraid to send off. Just as afraid of the success as I am of the failure. So the bitterness surges upwards when I see her, fat, sleek and smug sitting beside a pile of her own books while I tap away here and mumble how mine could be better.
    It's pathetic.
    Good luck to her and her horrible books and I should get the f*** up and stop whining. Write more, send off more, just DO more. Get the f****** thing out there.
    Thanks for listening. You probabaly think i'm a twat.
  4. The paper today announced on the front page that people in Fukushima had their urine tested and it was found to be radioactive. The government moving with customary speed has neglected to inform or protect its people accordingly and now they suffer.
    It's like a bad science fiction movie, instinctively I get the image of florescent green fluid, like that out of reanimator, when instead I should be rigid with horror at what these poor people must be feeling right now. Imagine knowing that your urine, something that gathers inside you until your body is too full to keep it there is radioactive.
    The streetsare full of anti nuclear sentiments now while the government sweats and blames the usual culprit, the Prime Minister (the fifth in five years). Whenever there is a problem the PM is replaced and a new golden boy is in his chair before the evening news. The entire nation celebrates and settles into a mood of gentle optimism but within two mouths the wolves are back demanding this freeloading, incompetent buffoon is kicked out so a 'real man' can take his place. Rather than get the person on watch when a catastrophe happens to be responsible for mending the country, Japan is much happier to slap some one else in place to clean up the mess. You would hope that after four years someone would have noticed this is not effective policy!
  5. After a kebab and a beer the other day my colleague started telling me an idea he'd had about a man with an animals head living in Tokyo and dealing with racism and police brutality. I loved the idea hurried home and wrote six pages of scene setting: The characters painful homesickness, his depression, and confusion in the Japanese society.
    However, once this was done I was rather stuck with where to take it from there.
    I named the animal after my colleague (he's not so impressed by that) and while I can envisage many situations, that he finds himself in I can't really come up with a whole plot. The obvious choice is Yakuza and intrigue with corrupt coppers but I've never been a competent crime writer and would like something a bit fresher. I don't really write action well in comic form either so perhaps its better to be like American Splendor and make the mundane interesting rather than aiming high drama.
    There's another kebab and beer to be had tonight, perhaps fresh inspiration will come.