Eh. It's a blog. I'm thirteen. What else is there to say? Random stuff will be written, that is for sure.
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  1. Okay, so it just hit me. I'm actually going to high school next year. I'm graduating next week! And since I go to a private Catholic school, only four other kids that I know are going there with me. I'm going to be leaving everybody! *tear, tear*

    I'm nervous, but verrrrrrrryyyyy excited. I'll be taking French *Hoorayy!* for my Foreign Language, and I'm happy about that. I'm sorry, but after so many years of a horrrriblee Spanish teacher, I've just given up on even attempting to learn that language...

    There's also this special "Virtual High School", where we can choose from numerous classes online. The teachers, and fellow students, could be from anywhere else in the world. I'm hoping to take Creative Writing and... umm... I'll think about it:p

    Oooh yeah!! Did I mention that my soon-to-be-school has one of the best Drama programs in the state? So, *YAY!* to that one as well! And, finally, soccer. I'll be trying out for that one, too:rolleyes:

    Alrightyy, now that my little excited rant is done, I'll just be going now. Au revoir!
  2. Okay, so, this is a really random thought. I was thinking about a dream I once had when I was about, oh, six, I think. Don't ask me how I remember this, but I do. In fact, this could even be a dream of a dream. But, I do find it rather imaginative, definately something that would form in a six year old's mind. Well, here it goes:

    The weather was nice. There were a few clouds in the sky, and they were all bright purple. The grass on my front lawn was blue, and the leaves on my cherry tree were pink. I was sitting on my front porch, watching a rather large butterfly float across the lawn. Then, a loud screech could be heard from above. A pterodactyl was swooping down from the sky! It landed on my roof and let out another loud screech. My mother came outside and asked what was happening. I pointed to the roof.

    Next, a bronchiasaurus appeared and started eating the leaves off of the tree. I laughed. My brothers came outside and ran towards the dinosaur, playing with its tail. It just stood there and kept chewing on the cherry tree. Now, a huge roar could be heard. A T-rex had climbed out of a hole in the ground! It ripped the tree away from the bronchiasaurus and ate the dinosaur. My brothers ran away, screaming. Next, the T-rex ate the pterodactyl, swallowing it whole. The roof came off next. I ran inside and hid behind a paint easel. The T-rex started munching on the floor, getting closer and closer to me.

    Then, I woke up. Seriously, don't ask how I remembered this dream. I just did. I think its better than the dream I had last year when my parents went insane and a phsyco doll started dancing over a grave, trying to kill me and Danny Phantom (yes, Danny Phantom, the cartoon. Honestly, I really don't understand my sleeping mind:p). Well, that's that. I hope you enjoyed my memory of a six year old girl's dream!
  3. Well, hello there. Again.

    I decided to post to my blog again, as you can obviously see. It is basically because I'm bored, but also because I wish to inform you of three things, all of which you probably don't care about, but I'll share anyway!

    Reason Numero Uno: I wrote a poem! Its horribly cheesy, not lovey-dovey though, and its about... a star. Need I say more?

    Reason Zwei: I'm official halfway through Chapter Three in the novel I'm writing! Now, now, no reason to be amazed. You may simply cheer quietly. (ahh, the modesty.:p) Oh, and before you cheer, be sure to make sure nobody else is in the room with you. They may think you're rather... strange.

    And, finally, Reason Blue (that works... right?):
    My friend's dad was in a motorcylce accident, and he was badly injured. The accident was last Friday, and he's still in the hospital, constantly changing from in-coma to not-in-coma (not quite sure what the actual term is at the moment...). What I wanted to share with you is the fact that my whole class has arranged to send in donations to the family, because, not only is his dad self-employed, but he's the sole supporter of the family. So, without my friend knowing, everybody in my class is going to help out and send in some money. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside:D.

    So, with those little tidbits, I am done. Now I'm off to go watch little children's shows. Oh, the joy of having younger siblings.

  4. So. Hi. See, I have absolutely no idea what to write here. Should I write a little poem I have written? Nah, I'm not quite done yet. Should I maybe post a paragraph from the book I'm working on? Eh, possibly, but I'm not sure. You see, if you haven't actually seen the title (its those words at the top, for those wondering:p), this is my first blog. So, I repeat, hi.

    Yeah. You see, I don't really have anything interesting to write about. I'm thirteen years old *hold your applause*, I have two horridly annoying younger brothers (Ben and Drew), my actual name is Cassandra (middle name Robyn. That's where its from, for those who are wondering, though I doubt there are many) and I'm going into high school next year. Oh, I'm not pregant either! *now you can applaud* See? I have really nothing to write about. So I'll just rant on mindlessly, with no idea what I'm actually saying, until I have a nice, long-ish blog post.

    It worked, right?

    Well, I guess that's all. I hope I did this right. If not, oops. :rolleyes: Buh-byeee!:D