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  1. My heart fell in love with you
    I tried to fight the feelings,
    scared of getting hurt
    in the end i confessed my feelings
    part of me wish you would reject me
    but you gave me a chance

    two years of love
    survived long distance college love
    then once summer
    it all stopped
    you stopped calling
    stopped texting

    all of it in the blink of an eye
    it felt like a dream
    it seemed so real one moment
    the next not

    you said you loved me
    said you never hurt me
    but what man won't even tell
    the girl he dated the honest truth

    it's one thing to fall out of love
    it's another to just try and vanish from her life

    but that's not the saddest part

    the saddest most tragic part is after all that
    I still love you

    i want to move on but questions of why keep me chained
    I want to hate you but I love you
    emotions tore in so many directions

    you explaining why would be the key to my freedom
    from the pain you shackled me with

    it's the least you can do
    for breaking my heart
  2. I'm a hair away from 5'4 so I just say I am 5'4.

    I have broad shoulders ( a Medium T-Shirt fits me at the waist, but to tight in the should and armpit area. a Large T-shirt fits me on the should armpit area but a little to much in the waist area.

    I wear a B34 bra but the area under my breast gets imprint form my bra but B36 it feel like the bra is riding up.

    Even more drama with pants ( with jeans it finding one that have a good waist height ) just below waist become mid raise.

    I'm just upset I found a lather jacket i really like for a great price but neither Large more XL fit me in the shoulder area.

    I know I need to find clothes that fit to the biggest part of me then Tailor it down, but i can't even find that it seems

    I love my body, i love my big butt, small waist, I'm OK with my breast size

    but I HATE going to 5 different stores and finding nothing, ending up settling with stuff from walmart.

    Its not fair, i can lose weight on my lower body (plain to/working on it) but my tousle is the smallest it can get)

    I just wish i knew how to shop for my body, its really hard to love myself when it feel like the clothing company are trying to make me not.
  3. Mama, Daddy please stop fighting over money
    arguing day and night what to do.

    Sometimes Mommy gets so mad she just has to walk away.

    Daddy stands his ground not wanting to increase interest, but Mommy says they have too

    Both can only agree on increasing the credit card limit

    The fight is so loud , even if i cover my ears I can hear it.

    Now my siblings are taking sides.

    Some agree with Mommy, others with Daddy

    the fight so loud the media comes to our house to.

    I know Mommy and daddy fought, even over silly things like which light bulb to buy

    but this is the worse yet

    I know they will never stop fighting but i wish they could at least agree to disagree

    If my family can figure away to save mommy then we'll be homeless

    I don't care about mommy and daddy I just want all my brothers and sisters to stop fighting

    I thought the blanket over my head cover my ears and tear escape wishing and pray

    that mommy and daddy will compromise


    Yeah if you don't get what this is about when you don't live in the USA

    but this is my view in a childish form what the problem is like.
  4. When i was little i remeber having bunches of books, one about why ducks can't get wet, 4 gaint books ( as tall or taller then me) about fairy tales ( like red riding hood ) and many many more.

    but the one i remeber and wish i had still ( note I'm 21) was "A Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes"

    it was a hardcover as thick as a text book with all the nursey rhymes. I wish I had the book from my childhood.

    i have found it on amazon, barnes and noble and other places but *sigh* to poor to buy it now

    To everyone who reads this What something from your childhood that you wish you could still have riht now?

    I got tons (mainly toys that vanished and i don't know how)

    do you wonder why we wish we had them?

    would you ever by that thin online if it was at a good price?
  5. I got a call today from a job that i sent in an application too.

    I was happy for one because today i was feeling down.

    The problem is i got stump on two question

    1. tell me a little about your self

    i told her i go to a tech college and my degree is in computer science but after that i drew a blank

    it not that i don't know anymore about myself it more what do i say but freak her out or have her ask "whats that"

    i didn't want to talk about my black cat either and sound like a cat lady *sigh*

    i like anime, Japanese culture, trying slowly to learn Japanese, not a sport person now I'm drawing blanks.

    2. what experience to you have in preparing food.

    now i don't feel so bad with my answer because i never really had a job preparing food but i could have use fixing dinner for my family in that or added I'm a quick learner or something about new experience.

    Yeah I know hine sight is 20/20 but i really want a job and this is the first that called me since summer break as started.

    i can currently work any hours although i told her i would like every other weekend to a baby site ( at the same time i added i could work around it)

    I just keep hoping that at least i get a interview, I'm a reliable person harder working who try her best to mean all standards ( another thing i could have added)

    cod flab it phone interviews suck, i wish i just had a list of questions that i will or more the likely be asked so i can at least think about it.

    i just needed to vent and try to get my mind off it, i more then likely be making something out of nothing

    i wish this embarrassment feeling would stop its more irritating then depression (at least you et sad music for the latter)

    maybe if enough people wish me luck it might come true lol

    to everyone who happens to read all this thanks tons