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anything and everything I feel should be placed herein shall be placed. As the title suggests: GUIDED MISSILES
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  1. This first post, will be just a list of some ideas of mine, I hold on the world, life, etc...

    - There is no truth, for whatever "truth" you find will only be true relative to you; I do not mean mathematical truths, or other such universal things, I mean in a sense religious truths...

    - Anything I say or do, will be perceived in a way completely different than I had intended or thought, as such my actions are pointless with no meaning to them, you simply attach meaning which is not there...

    - The soul, if such a thing exists, seems to me to be held within the brain, specifically, the neurons. They are, in fact, the seat of consciousness, why not the soul as well?

    - To me, it would seem that there is a God, but not a caring God. Rather, a being with no moral balance or purpose, save to create and destroy.

    These are just a few of my ideas, I do not expect anyone to care, or even agree with me. I do not even have a message to give by doing this.