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  1. I've known that you shouldn't "tell" but show the readers what's happening in the book. I knew, but apparently I still "told" the readers. I guess I don't really know how to show all that much. I try, I've been practicing. I try to use the five senses and everything to help with the show thingy. I try not to info dump. There's this recent super short story I've written a long time ago that I re-did. In the end, I made it completely different. Although, it did have the same idea to it with similar characters but, they were switched. Some personalities were switched and changed as well.

    The thing is, I realized it made the story a whole lot better than it was before. I know by me practicing these skills, I'm getting better at writing. By this fact, I'm feeling better as a writer. I'm planning on researching a lot more. I want to make my stories more interesting. Before, I just started writing with nothing but a few searches and reads here and there. I realized, by how my brother was doing a sort of comic type story (Which I'm helping with, but not lately x-x) he wanted to do more research then what I usually do. Low and behold, we gained some awesome ideas from it. Look at that! haha.

    I've been feeling the writing wasn't really a thing for me. I draw more than I write. The thing was though, while I've been drawing and seeing different pieces of art, all I've been thinking about was writing. It was like a friend that I haven't spoken to in a while. It was waiting for me to talk to it again. I started to continue writing my story on Wattpad. The thing was, I didn't know what direction I was heading for it. I felt like it was progressing fast and so I felt really discouraged. I write anyways. I'm planning on just writing it, even if it may not make sense. When I'm done with my chapter, (Which I'm working on my fourth) I'm going to edit the crap out of it and see if I could fix the story somehow so I won't just put the story on the backburner. I want to at least finish this one story. It's not really a novel, but a short story. When I finish the short story, I'm going to try and rewrite the whole story to take away all the mistakes I've made within it. I'm going to finish this one, and then I'm going to plan the heck out of the next story so I'll know what to write so I won't get writer's block.

    I’m working on my actual novel too. I moved on to where I was stuck. I believe I'm getting much better at just writing, not worrying about it making sense or how I have no idea to how I would write it. Bulldozing through.

    I'm going to critique more stories on this website for the reason there is critique stuff on this website: To get a better eye for my own works, and to try to give back to this community. You know, be a part of it more.

    I think my drawing helps me write. It’s hard for me to imagine things vividly because I feel I need to see it visually. When I draw, I realize that I get more ideas since it’s my imaginings manifest. For this reason, I thought I could try animation and comics. Just telling stories, in general, will be good.
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  2. I want to be an author. I want to see my name on a published book. I want to be able to read it again and again as if I'm just another reader. I don't remember a time when I started writing exclusively. I have written a lot during the years. I have two notebooks filled with short stories, a string of shorts throughout my computer, and I started stories but never finished them.

    I looked up writing tips on websites, joined free classes and followed blogs on writing. I joined this forum and received feedback on one of the chapters in my story. I write stories on Wattpad, and before that Quotev, and received feedback and advice. My brother would read some of the stories I write and give me feedback. I've rewritten my stories on Wattpad. I deleted stories from Wattpad and Quotev.

    I always thought of writing like free falling, but I could grab on to a ledge for a little bit. Structured writing, but I could start a story with anything and depend on how the words are arranged could make a big difference in a story.

    This thought always brings me to a halt in my writing. It feels like I could never find the right words. I tend to get discouraged when I think like this. I know I should keep writing and keep moving forward with it. I'm worried in the end I'll never be able to publish a book or what have you. I sometimes feel like giving up and do something new. I thought about doing something that still has storytelling but it has to do with animation. Every time I think about it, I feel like I'm quitting which is something I don't want to do. I want something solid I could hold onto. Not digitally.

    When I grow older, and when I could pay things on my own, I want to hire a mentor that I could see on a daily basis. I also want to start a writing group. I'm forming one currently at my school which hasn't started yet, but I'm working on it. I'm hoping I could be in a writing club in college when I'm done with school (Since this group is being formed on my second semester and I'm a senior). I want to know more people with similar aspirations like me.

    I believe I'm getting better at writing constantly (although I do go days without writing but there was a time when I would go months so). I'm also getting better at keeping track with my progress online so I feel more inclined to write.

    I'm worried if I'll never be able to publish anything, but at the same time, I'm remaining hopeful. Only because of so many people on here and other websites (like Wattpad) keeps me inspired on writing.