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  1. What are your thoughts about it?
    I was with my friend at Borders just looking around and it caught my attention. I honestly don't know whether I should believe or not, however I feel scared. Could it be true? Why 2012? Any thoughts?
  2. Are we ever "free" to choose our religion?
    I feel ashamed for those who try to push people into believing the same things they do.
    I was surprised when two Mormons came to talk to my brother about his beliefs. My brother is a very opinionated man and he is atheist and believes that there could be a God yet however he doesn't feel like we should pray to him in order to get what we want instead he believes we should work for it. So the Mormon guys knock on the door for a friendly talk, and I was glad because I like hearing different points of views, but however once they got to talk to him they insulted his beliefs saying he had to believe in what they believed because they were right. My brother laughed at how ridiculous it was, and they said he was possessed by the devil.
    I find that absolutely disrespectful. Just because he doesn't believe in God it shouldn't mean he has to believe in the devil.
    A few weeks later they sent him a book asking him to read it and it would help him realize he was wrong.
    How wrong is that?
    I understand they want to spread the word but insulting is not the way, aren't we supposed to treat others like we want to be treated?
    If their beliefs in God are so strong then why would they do such thing?
    I don't have the same beliefs, I believe in God, and Jesus Christ, I pray as much as I can, but if someone tried to change my opinion I would feel insulted as well.

    And what brings me to writing this is that aren't we supposed to be free to choose our religion yet we have people pushing us to believe otherwise? Can't we spread the word without humiliating or insulting others? Or can't we just respect their choice?
  3. It seems like every problem we have has to do with how much money we make, what we need to buy, how much we eat, what people think of us.
    But do we ever stop and think of what we have? Are we really that much into ourselves that we don't realize what third world countries are going through? We say that the money we make is not enough, we get upset and angry when we have a house, water, and food. We don't realize that people in places like Africa have to drink unsanitary water from the river yet we argue because we had to get a Dr Thunder and it's not the same as a Dr Pepper, are we really that lame? Can't we just be thankful?
    I will admit I am guilty of trying to eat less but when I really think about it why are we getting so angry about eating so much when people third world countries don't have food, or eat about a meal a day which consists of half a loaf of bread.
    We say "my house is too small I want to have a bigger house" but really shouldn't we be thankful that we have a room, a kitchen and a bathroom? Others live in 1 room houses with 4 people and that one room is a living room and a kitchen. And that is if they even have houses others live on the streets.
    Yet these people thank the Lord for their everyday, they have hope, hope for justice, hope for a better place. And unlike most of us they are truly happy if they get a new hand me down shirt.
    But what most of all bothers me is that these people work for their everyday, they find many ways to make their living better and the last thing they think of is suicide yet people with a house, a family, and food think about it more than those people.

    So is money the problem? Are we just raised differently?

    Reply I like to hear different opinions and I really like to hear wise things that make me think.