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  1. Verse 1:
    She was my first love so young and innocent then
    But I was playing a hand I knew I couldn't win
    She left me with only a lipstick kiss on the bathroom mirror Ruby Red
    Left me tossing and turning in this empty bed

    Chorus: I did her wrong
    Now she's long gone
    And I'm a lost ship at sea
    But the only man I can blame is me
    So I'm gonna finish my last cigarette and without shedding a tear
    I'm gonna drown my sorrows in morphine and beer

    Two months later with tears in her pretty brown eyes she came to me
    Scared to death I let her down and wasn't the man I needed to be
    In a clinic far from home
    She dealt with it all alone

    Repeat Chorus

    I got the call at a quarter after two
    I finally put her through more than she could make it through
    Black dresses and white roses, kind words don't make it better
    I finally found enough strength to read her last letter

    You did me wrong
    Now I'm long gone
    I was a lost ship at sea
    Waiting for the man I needed you to be
    So I'm gonna finish my last cigarette and never shed another tear
    I'm gonna drown all my sorrows in morphine and beer