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  1. Those who know me since I've joined writingforums.org know that I usually keep to song lyrics when posting on these forums. Well, with the addition of blogs on here, I decided that I may use this to post more about [JDK] itself.

    [JDK] actually stands for Juvenile Delinquent Kids, and came from a joke from two summers ago. The name for the band needed to have meaning, so it seemed like a perfect idea to have meaning to us and as a strong sounding name for a band.

    There are a lot of influences... I use music to express myself at a lot of difficult times. After one particular breakup a long time ago, I wrote the song "Everything's on Ease" to let things go. After a while, I started showing people, and the song received a lot of positive feedback. From there, I started writing lyrics.

    The lyrics I write are usually softer; there isn't really a permanent drummer or bassist in the band, but whenever a song feels like it's lacking that extra little bit, we leave room for drums.

    Mostly, the band does acoustic guitar and vocals. I put in the main vocals, and usually there are backup vocals.

    As of today, the band has finished a CD, "To Have Loved and Lost," which is basically a story about having multiple loves and falling out of each one. A lot of the lyrics themselves were inspired; some were just written to go along with the story.

    The work in progress now is called "Forgive and Forget." I haven't posted any lyrics from this one yet, but as I get all the songs from the EP up, I'll start with those from "FaF". "Forgive and Forget" is a continuation, almost, from the EP, and it really carries on the same way the band started off. This one contains a lot of faster tracks, more meaningful lyrics, and a lot less depressing-type songs.

    By far, looking back at the songs written and/or recorded so far, my favorite still has to be "Define 'Romance.'" The song means a lot to me, and was written about a girl I met and got close to fairly quickly. It was a strange, new situation; but there was nothing I could have wanted more in the world. The song actually came to me on a walk home one day, while I was thinking about how serious things were becoming. A few days later, after writing the song and having her read it, I had pretty much found the courage to take the next step.

    That same girl inspired half the album.

    Anyway... this has been pretty long. I'm surprised. I hope you guys enjoy the lyrics, and the music as well. Maybe one day we'll be a band that matters. Heh. Everyone can dream.