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  1. This is definitely a great book if you like mysteries. The two main characters are two women who had no idea each other existed.

    Dr. Renee Carey: Her mom died eighteen months ago, leaving her all alone in this world. Her dad died of a heart attack twenty years ago while she was 15 and six months later, she lost her only brother who was seventeen years her senior. He lost his wife and child two days before he was killed ina car accident in Spain. Renee has been so focused on her career that she lost her husband and with him her dream of being a mother. Eighteen months after her mom dies, she is cleaning her stuff out of storage and finds a letter from the CIA requesting power of attorney for them to act on behalf of her brothers child (the child she thought had died at birth 20 years ago). Renee decides since she is her only family left ont hsi earth she is going to do everything in her power to find her.

    Sarah Sims:Sarah is twenty years old and resides at the Convent for the Lost Lambs in Spain. She has never ventured outside those doors and lives vicariously through movies and books. She was trained by the CIA and is the best at what she does. Give her a computer and she can do almost any thing. Sarah ahs one major problem...she was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome....which left her without a face...She has the most severe case ever reported and they had to make her a face if you can call it that through surgery after surgery and at eight she decided she'd had enough even tho people still screamed at teh sight of her an refused to meet her eyes even if they spoke to her. As far as she knows her family rejected her at birth.

    After Kevin's (Renee's older brother) untimely death while on assignment for the CIA, Dr. Mewton took Sarah the necesary surgeies to keep her alive etc.
    Now twenty years later this Dr. Renee Carey is fighting tooth and nail to get to know her neice.Now Sarah is asking questions she never asked before, she wants to go outside and is thinking about having a facial implant. Dr. Mewton claims she want whats best for Sarah but Renee says she is not giving her a chance and that she is being held prisoner. Soon the "convent" is no longer safe...People are dying and they are all after one person...Sarah

    If you like the type of books that keeps you guessing, thsi is definitely a good read. is by far not what i'd call a spy thriller but is pretty close. If nothing this book is the most original i have read in a while. I did n't liek the ending but to end it any other way would have been predictable. I would give it 3 stars out of 4