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  1. I'm kinda back after a really long absence. I don't count all of those times when I came back to say hi for about five minutes, never to look back, until writing finally found its way under my skin again--it seems as though now is one of those times. But right now I feel like I need to write. So, I decided to crawl back in here and to lurk a bit before actually going into Lounge and just posting "Boo I'm back" and then disappearing just as silently as the ghost I was impersonating...
  2. Alone A poem by Zcreative

    Beauty floods the mind,
    No reaction.

    Colors explode around,
    Blank stares.

    Feelings all rejected,
    an empty audience awaits,
    silent screams resounding.

    Assuaged by none,
    Meaning of life and thought, lost;
    Never to return.

    Whilst in pain,
    Rage burns inside,
    a former core, withered and worn,
    hidden behind a shell,
    reflecting a fake, an impostor.

    A fate not only worse,
    but colder than death,
    feeling darker than demise,
  3. The Hunted

    Cover of trees,
    Musky brush and soil,
    Eyes on the target,
    Steady gaze,
    Frozen like ice,
    foreseeing the demise,
    of the hunted.

    Reaching behind,
    tranquility kept,
    lethal arrow taken,
    raised slightly and cocked,
    a shattering sound,
    hearing the demise,
    of the hunted.

    Aim set,
    target oblivious,
    feathery bolt,
    brushing his cheek,
    soft to the touch,
    deadly in reality,
    feeling the demise,
    of the hunted.

    Metal mortification,
    damp air surrounds,
    leaves chilled,
    frost covering,
    almost tasting the demise,
    of the hunted.

    The clang of the shot,
    a sleek beam propelled,
    cutting through air,
    slashing through darkness,
    stopped abruptly,
    causing the demise,
    of the hunted.
  4. Handbook A poem by Zcreative

    A reference for students,
    and teachers alike,
    rules, regulations.
    A student's demise,
    A teacher's dismay,
    Those who wander,
    or go astray,
    will feel the rath,
    the iron fist,
    of the handbook.
  5. Race A poem by Zcreative

    Picking up speed,
    Exhaling on each step,
    Eyes set on the prize

    Heart pounding,
    Pressure surrounding,
    Near the climax,
    exploding through

    Legs slowing,
    breathing louder,
    Cheers in the distance,
    echo all around,

    Pulsing your mind,
    blocking out all other feelings,
    With fists raised,
    smile from ear to ear,

    You did it,
    You won the race.