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《Nanking》is the great newsreel I have ever seen. Those bloody and brutal scenes are still in my mind. It seems I can feel what happened there at Nanking, in 1937.
Those actors are great. From the narration I felt the sense of justice of the western people again. War is horrible, as most people know.
It’s a movie that is worth watching. We must never forget what happened to the victim. Those victims are good people, most of them. And what happened to them must not recur again in modern world.
“Do I hate the Japanese? No! I just hate their policy.” This sentence is from one of the narrator. This is also my attitude. I don’t hate the Japanese. I just hate their attitude on history.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, most Japanese soldiers are dead nowadays. Today, 70 years have passed, and Japanese government still denies what they did in Nanking at 1937, even though there’s plenty of evidence to prove it.
Up to now, there’re only less than 400 survivors left in Nanking. Many years later, when they all pass away, who else can tell us their scary stories happened to them?
What they want is not revenge. After all that events passed, after losing all the families, there’s already no way to get what they lost back. Animosity brings us nothing but animosity.
The robbers came, killed, burned and raped. After they left, the survivors get nothing but rejection of admitting what they had been treated from Japanese government. They are already old people. And I wonder, when the last minute of their life reaches, whether they can rest in peace without even an apology. I know I can’t if I were one of them.
This movie gives me another chance to understand American people. I saw the conscience, kindness and nobleness again on Minnie Vautrin.
Thanks to the director Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman, because of them, more people have the chance to know a unfamiliar history. And some people may reconsider their attitude on war, on mankind, on history.
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