1/10/09:The Weekend and Some Thoughts

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So I have been somewhat hard at work writing(Somewhat/hard at work...hmm) and have made some descent progress in some short stories. I am making it my goal to have about a half dozen done this month. Am alsotossin a novelette idea around my head. A guys girlfriend gets kidnapped, he tracks her, killing enemies in his way . Eventually he gets close and they kill her, he keeps killing her kidnappers and as the last one is dying he tells the MC that she is not really dead, not only that but she orchestrated the whole thing to run away from home. MC has a few angry but calm words with her and leaves. Then it sets up a sequel where he got so used to killing he becomes a serial killer and she is the only one who can stop him. It needs a little work butwhaddya think?

I am also working on some designs for t-shirts to sell on my web site. At first I was a little hesitant to do this because after all who wants to buy a shirt by me? I am not some fashion designer or anything. But as I thought about it I decided that I wasn't selling it as a Matthew Von Prince shirt but as a cool shirt that just happened to be designed by me. So I think I might be able to get a few people to buy one.

I spent the weekend on the ice, fishing, did pretty well too. My group of four caught eighty Perch. Missed some fights I was going to go to but had a good time. I was pretty thankful Ididn't get killed going out on such a warm day after hearing about the people on Lake Erie.

Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.
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