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1000 Posts: Reflections of a Roleplayer

Published by Teele in the blog The Blog of Teele. Views: 162

Well, here we are. Nearing the end of October 2008 and I recently made my 1000th post here on writingforums.org.

Many blaze past this number without thinking too hard about it, but for myself, strange or not, I consider it a small kind of accomplishment. And so, I am taking some time to put down in writing my reflections of the great times I've had here on this site.

I joined the site in May at the request of my step-brother, known on this site as Thagryn-Sylrand. I posted a piece of my novel, and soon realized it would need reworking. And then, I went on vacation for the entire month of June and didn't touch the forums. When I got back, I noticed a tiny little section labeled simply "RPG". Curious, I took a look around. I had played tabletop role-playing games, and really loved the concept. This looked like the same thing, without the rules. I read all the manuals provided, and looked at a couple of the ones that had gone past.

The first game I seriously joined was hosted by Raven, and was known as Cyberpunk 2766AD. It was here that I began my role playing career with Spencer. Unfortunately, I had not the time to commit, for I was working full-time, and the game was quite fast-paced.

August ended, and I joined the next installment in the series, Cyberpunk II 2786A.D. Las Vegas, again using Spencer. Near the end of this, I was able to get more involved. However, Spencer was cut in half by Vornn at the end, and so ended his legacy (sort of...).

As we waited for CP III, I joined Foxee's Thief Race RPG, where I played Kevin McConnell; a rock-and-roll guitarist who had lost his girlfriend to a maniac sociopath. It was here that I learned just how sadistic a GM could become (kudos, Foxee. :D).

The turning point for me, I think, was Cyberpunk III: 2856A.D. MARS. Here, I played Jack Cyrus, a pistol-wielding computer hacker who was part of Alpha Squad, and who was involved in an interesting love triangle involving a teammate and a commanding officer. With Mars, I found a happy place both in plot and character, and I think that's when I had the most fun with an RP.

It was during this that I decided to try my own hand at GMing. I began Crystan: Dawn of War, based on my fantasy world (details in the part of my blog labeled as such). But, due to lack of plot planning, it eventually crumbled and died. I learned from the experience, however. Watch for a re-release of Dawn of War, coming soon (ish)!

My next big role came with chad.sims2's The Mist. I played a female, Cassandra Therrin, for a bit of a change of pace. The concept was awesome, and it started really well, but unfortunately we didn't get finished.

And right now, as we speak, I am involved in three great RPGs. Spencer has made a comeback in I C E, I have introduced Kurasai Shoji (Buddhist monk turned cop) in FlakeandFins' Rouge City, and Derek Aedrin (scientific jack-of-all-trades) in Blossom's Exodus.

And so, looking back, I would like to thank all my GMs and fellow players for making my stay here an exciting and interactive one! May there be several thousand more posts to some! I look forward to many more games with all of you!
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