2/5/09: Very Busy

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So I have been much lax on the writing of recent. I just found a foot tall stack(literally) of old writing of mine. I will have to sort through it and see if I had any diamonds in the rough. I know there were a lot of short stories, some descent, most not so much. A novel too, a project I spent years on and never came close to finishing. It was one of those page or two a week projects.

I am also going to look into some writing workshops. I am a descent writer at best and simply have a few things to say and some stories to tell. So I want to really work on my delivery so any reader of mine will have half an idea what I am talking about.

I have been really hard at work on my website of recent. Still have not got anything up on the web but am working on completing it before I ever throw anything up. So there will be nothing there for a while yet and then all of a sudden it will be complete and ready to be viewed by millions, or a few dozen that's fine too. The color scheme is working out descent but it's a little tough as I have no graphics and/or website experience and am during it virtually all myself.

Just got back into the boxing gym recently. Tough stuff, I had forgotten how hard it was and taking eight months off didn't help. I am doing alright though. The way I am looking at it is that I cant be worse than the first day I stepped in the gym.

Good times, anyhow I need to go and do some real writing so I can actually throw something up for people to read.

Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.

PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.

PS And don't let that whole FREE short story thing make you think I am going to make people pay to read my writing. While I plan to publish a collection of short stories at some point I full intend to post many for free for the foreseeable future.
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