2008: Officially the Worst Year...EVER!

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okay so i know it's not yet december but i feel that the last year can officially be dubbed the worst year of my entire life! so many bad things happened this year that its got me in a real bad mood for the holidays.

it all strated in january when i broke up with my last girlfriend under very unpleasant circumstances:(. i spent the entire month constructing ways to express how i felt and started writing, which is a good thing which continued into february when i joined WF:) just after my birthday, which had the most useless party in recent recollection.

the next few months saw me spiral into a seriously sh***y time in my life when i couldn't concentrate in school and things just weren't going well for me. In april things got worse when on of my greatest friends, Tom was diagnosed with cancer and died later that month. i spent my time after that wallowing in depression until early august when my friends decided they'd had enough of my couch potato ways and hauled me to the nearest bar. i had a good time and thought that things were picking up again. when we went the second time we had the misfortune of being in an accident and i was hurt (no surprises there). nothing serious just a couple of fractures.

i was out of the hospital a little while after that and came back to find my apartment occupied. when i went to ask the landlord he dismissed me and told me some dubious mumbo jumbo that didnt make sense:mad::eek:. i promptly packed my stuff up and left the building heading to my friend's place where i've been staying since september as a homeless mutt.

this past week has been hell for me while i tried to meet submission deadlines only to find out that my lecturer had left the country and would not take any 'late' submissons. i was supremely cheesed at her inability to communicate this as i am not the only student in this mess. this equates to an automatic fail and obviously i dont want that. i cant see how the next month could get any worse.

wow i feel a little better now:) i hope 2009 is better than 2009.
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