A Change Of Life

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Who am I? A simple enough question, but one I am not sure I have the answer for. I mean, I thought knew who I was, a simple girl, born and raised in Florida. That girl really doesn't exist now...I am not so sure she ever really did.

It would seem self discovery has come at quite a price...growing up isn't such a simple thing. We believe that we grow, leave home, marry and our life is set. Well, that is only a small part of it. Growing up, is an everyday, life changing experience...it never gets better and only becomes more confusing as it is pushed back for the idea that we should be happy and content where we are.

I am never happy and content for very long, as I believe, for me, that my life is ever evolving...changing into something I can't see until the change comes. I am always surprised by the way it makes me feel. The dreams that are weaving in my mind and through my heart are like fireworks on the Fourth Of July...ever beautiful, always breath taking...and dangerously real.

Shall I dare start a new life and give into my passion, to be free and alive? Yes, I shall. I am sure there will be days I will wonder what have I done...surely I am mad...but, my inner Chimmy will say, "This who you are Robin, embrace this new found peace, and for once try and enjoy it". I simply can't let past mistakes keep me back.
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