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A Cheater's Diary

Published by needswings14 in the blog needswings14's blog. Views: 85

So today was pretty chill except for the rain and how cold it was...but I once again proved how much of a horrible girlfriend I am because I once again cheated on my amazing boyfriend.

It's my fault too. I egg the guys on challenging their ego and pride so they kiss me and make out with me so I can find someway to justify what I am doing. I know what I'm doing is wrong and I shouldn't be doing this to him...

I do need to break up with my boyfriend, but I'm afraid that once I do the guys won't want to try to get with me. I think they'll just lose intrest...But I don't want to hurt my boyfriend.

When I cheat on my boyfriend I do it for the attention and I know thats not a good reason to justify it and I know that if I kiss my boyfriend and feel nothing and kiss all these other guys and feel something there is a problem. I feel bad leading my boyfriend on, but I want a nice guy like the one I have...just a different nice guy.

P.S. Let's hope I don't cheat on him with a third guy...I'll keep it posted!!
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